Why is my 'Left to Spend' HIGHER than my account balance?

I’d be forever grateful if someone could explain to me why my Left to Spend is HIGHER than my actual account balance!!

Is this a bug? Do I have more money than I think? Iv read countless articles and still can’t explain it.

probably because your budget settings total is set to more than your account balance


The actual account balance is money you have.

The budget is whatever you set as a target to spend each month. So if you have an income of £2000 you might aim for £1500 to attempt to save £500.

You could have an account balance of £10,123 and say your monthly budget of £1200 that you are aiming to spend.

They are completely unconnected.

Likewise you could have a balance of £1 and set a monthly budget of £2000 but you’ll hit a snag very quickly with that budget unless you increase your balance.