Who's the CTO?

Who’s the CTO at the moment? I remember the news that Meri Williams left, though it sounded like she had checked out (1 day/week?) a long time time beforehand (what happened there I wonder? ~ a year isn’t a long time in any job)

Is it implicitly Mike Hudack? He is I believe CPO but has been a CTO before.

The annual report has Jonas (co-founder) down as in that role again now.

And if i read correctly i think jonas is leaving at the end of the year also.

It’s definitely @jonas today


I’ve missed this. Do you have a source?

Anyone know anything on that? They’ve bulked the tenure out to almost two years with some “CTO Emeritus” thing, but clearly they knew by a year that it wasn’t working. I wonder what happened.

Nothing was announced but she has been very open about her health problems


ahh apologies got mixed up with jonas and tristan

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True, though she has another CTO role now. Hard to know what happened.

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