More Monzo management changes?

Already being discussed here:

‘more’ ?

Pardon me. I will fall on my sword immediately. :wink:

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Yes, as in additional.

We both know I know what the word means. What are the other ones?

Seems to be a fairly regular occurrence to me. As an apparent expert in semantics I thought you would be fully aware and up to speed. Do you require a list?

*It would appear that someone has complained about this post. I would just like to make my side of the case.

I made a post with something that I thought would be of interest to the community, to be confronted by two rather unfriendly, even sneery, responses. One saying that ‘this has already been posted before’ and another questioning my use of the word ‘more’. This is something that I have noticed on these boards before, a propensity by some posters to be very defensive, and treat the forum as their own personal fiefdom, or club. All interlopers outside this clique are to be treated with extreme suspicion, and ideally shot down in flames immediately.

My admittedly sarcastic reply to lpoolrob was in response to what I perceived to be an example of the above attitude. He said ‘more?’, but he might as well have said 'who the hell are you, and what do you mean by that, fool? He didn’t like my attitude but, conversely, I didn’t like his.

All I did was make a post. I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition. Perhaps I should have been from previous experience. No doubt I will now be barred but, hey, like Groucho Marx, who wants to belong to a club that would admit them, anyway?

I’m not sure why all the attitude? You started a topic with ‘more’ in it and I was simply asking about previous ones. Did I miss something - has there recently been a large number of changes?


The only one I know about is Paul Rippon who was deputy CEO but “retired” in Jan to spend more time with his wife and alpacas. He basically started Monzo with Tom, but I assume he’s minted now, and given the choice I’d rather pack it in and run a farm for a hobby.


he still holds 6.7 million shares I believe down from around 7.5 million

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