Who do Monzo invest in?

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I’ve had my monzo for a few months and think it’s amazing it has been incredibly useful for trips abroad. I’ve just been asked if I want to invest however I’m curious as to what monzo invests in to create it’s own capital? Hopefully it’s something great like green energy.

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Canning dolphin steaks and making fur coats from rabbits…

…only joking!


Here’s what Monzo’s capital requirements looks like & where it gets it’s capital from -

you’re seeing that process in progress right now!

As far as I know, it doesn’t invest in other company’s shares order to generate capital at the moment.

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long term they will get income from (a) overdrafts, and (b) their planned marketplace, rather than investing in dubious company stocks

Think this may be a confusion between equity investments and managed fund investments?

If you were investing in a fund they might be able to tell you they are only investing in green energy companies or companies that don’t test on animals, or whatever ethic floats your boat, but this is an equity investment so so they’re only offering us the opportunity to invest in this one company. They need the investment to meet the regulator’s capital requirements for launching a bank and for funding/growing the user base which they plan to expand rapidly and is currently unprofitable to the tune of £40 per user per annum so that is a significant cost until they can monitise the offering.

The Crowdcube website asks a series of questions when you’re registering to determine if you fully understand the risks and pitfalls of equity investments and will not let you invest if you get any of the questions wrong, so if you do want to invest you should read up on equity investments in the next 2 weeks!

I try my best not to be condescending because everyone starts at the beginning, but I know I probably am :fist: - apologies if that is the case :heart_eyes:

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I think you are confused. The OP asked where Monzo invest and seemed interested/concerned as to what ventures they may invest in, their core principles. Their question was not directly about investing in the Monzo crowdfunding.

You are very confrontational these days MIROW! They said they had been asked if they wanted to invest in monzo and wanted to know if monzo would invest the money in green energy. ie. they don’t know their arse from their elbow. Just trying to help! If I was wrong they are welcome to tell me that actually they were wondering if this bank was planning to launch a windmill farm alongside the banking ops! :grinning:

Actually Rarther I did ask what ventures Monzo invest in.

I thank you for you advice though as you are correct I do not know my ‘arse from my elbow’ hence all the stains in my jumpers :wink:

Thank Alex for your help as well and Mirow :slight_smile:


The launch of Monzo’s transparency page today, has just reminded me that they explain exactly what they do invest in, in their ethics policy!

As of right now, the answer is:

Before we become a fully licensed bank, your deposits are held by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd. in a ring-fenced client-monies account. Once we become a bank (and therefore hold your deposits on our balance sheet and your deposits are protected up to £75k by the FSCS), a very small proportion of your money (around 10% of total deposits) will be lent to Monzo customers in the form of unsecured personal overdrafts. The rest will sit in cash in our Reserves Account at the Bank of England or be used as collateral for payment schemes. In the future, we are likely to do more personal lending and invest some of the money in UK government bonds.

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The limit is £85k now, isn’t it?



Yes, the €100,000 EU limit is currently implemented in the UK as £85,000 (or £170,000 for joint accounts).

However there is also a Temporary High Balance limit which is higher, and this is to cover things like property sales and handling the estate of a deceased.

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