Which person in company can open business account?

When opening a business account does the person opening the account need to have a personal account with Monzo already? And does the person opening the account need to be the director or can it be somebody else?

I can answer your first question…

Yes you need a personal account to open a business account. And by that logic I would assume that the director needs to open the business account but I’m not sure on that part

However, if you’re a ltd company and sign up for the pro account you can give more users access.

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Our eligibility page explains some of this, but @Ordog is right: you’ll need to be a director of the company, and you’ll also need to have a personal account with Monzo.

Do any additional users on the business account have to be directors?

@sde100 Once you’re up and running, you can add anyone who already has a Monzo account and who has “Payments with Friends” enabled. There’s a little more detail on our team members help page.

That’s really helpful, thank you.


This is great, it’s not something Starling are able to do yet. Currently with Starling only verified Persons of Significant Control (PSCs) who are also directors can become users of the account and be able to access and manage it.

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