When is Monzo's next financial report? (2022)

When is Monzo’s next financial report out?

Should be soon. Are there any rumblings of good/bad news at Monzo?

It’s been quite quiet over there since the stock market crash started… etc.

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It’s usually about now. We don’t normally get any insight into it until it lands alas (even basics like customer numbers that used to be published publicly).


I’ve heard rumblings (admittedly by just one person) about things potentially not being so good, but haven’t seen/heard anything myself

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Please share!

What have the rumblings been about? Financial performance, staff happiness, strategic direction, all/none of the above?


Yes, please share. We’re really lacking some negative rumours.


I’d like to know, too. Hopefully everything is all good!

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I’d be a bit surprised if the annual report didn’t show decent progress to be honest, but curious to know what could be going wrong.

From the outside Monzo look to be doing really well relatively. Flex seems universally loved, and their new neon cards seem super popular.

Financially they must be making more on travel/interchange, interest on lending and a big boost from interest on overnight deposits at the BoE/marketplace referral fees.

I’m expecting another loss, but hopefully a loss that’s a lot smaller than the last one and profitability within reach :crossed_fingers:


Rumblings? Be interesting to hear :ear:

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Ah the old “heard from a well connected person” … :eyes: :popcorn:


What is the provenance for you saying they’re “well connected”?

Hang on just getting you a bigger wooden spoon…


2017 - 4 July
2018 - 2 July
2019 - 27 June
2020 - 30 July
2021 - 30 July
2022 - ???

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Good news: The company is doing really well and people love it here.
Bad news: Plushies are incredibly rare & hard to get


I’m very glad to hear, to be clear - I was skeptical, wanted to see if there was info floating around from others.

I don’t think @bee is allowed to actually tell you anything proper from the annual report.

If Monzo can’t succeed with all of the above tailwinds then it may be time to rebrand to an American sweet shop, not pay the rent or rates or staff and hope to sell a couple of conterfeit Wonka bars in order to turn a profit.


My predictions for the annual report:

  • Monzo now profitable, driven by paid accounts and rising interest rates
  • Resolution to the regulatory issues
  • No more uncertainty as a going concern issue
  • Some non specific words about new products and building revenue per customer.

I don’t think they will be, but not far off though

Depends what measure you use, I suppose. I think that they will have had a profitable month and are on course to be profitable year on year.

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Neon Wonzo bars :point_left::rofl:, with random Golden Tickets inside to visit the Broadwalk House factory :office:

Marketing gold. You’re welcome.