When is Monzo USA available?

I have a few friends in USA whom I talked about Monzo with.
They downloaded Monzo app on their mobile phones, but when they started the sign up process, but upon trying to select the location, only UK was available, and a message informed that This service is available only to residents in the UK."
Can you please let me know when MONZO will be available in the USA?
Thank you and I look forward to receiving your replies.

Your can only sign up in the USA at the moment by attending a launch event.

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Thank you for your prompt reply!
Where from can we find out where Monzo
USA launch events locations are?
Is there any listing…, per states, etc. ?

I think the link in my post above and especially their Twitter feed are your best bets.

There is also

And a Monzo USA sub-forum at https://community.monzo.com/c/usa

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Many thanks! I directed my friend to this thread…

I hear on the grapevine that the US waiting list is “massive” with people in every state except one (this was a month ago, so might have changed since then)…


The challenge is that waiting lists do not always translate into new members. Some of my friends are looking into N26, Chime, Simple, and Ally - competition is getting more intense.

I would just like to get this confirmed again. Will Monzo accept an ITIN instead of SSN to open an account online?

Yes, we accept ITINs in place of an SSN :grinning:


Now Monzo acts like an international firm by allowing the non-permanent US residents to open Monzo accounts. :+1:

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