What's the last thing you bought online? (No cheating!)

(Louis Otto) #82

Sure, I don’t see why not.

(Ben) #83

Thank you @louisotto for this, really handy :slight_smile: . Sounds like they use some form of pine resin, which helps with the stickyness.

Where did you get yours out of interest? I’m really keen to get some but I’ve never found any colours I like!!

@rat_au_van - on the homemade front… I kind of went down a rabbit hole recently on this, trying to make my own. I saw this youtube video of an adorable Irish pair that made them. (If you have an interest in bees at all, have a look through other videos).

What I found was, the ones I made wouldn’t actually form a seal. They were just sort of stiff and waxy. But not sealy.

The missing ingredient, after a fair amount of digging online, is Pine Resin. That’s what helps the commercial ones stay a bit tacky and actually make a reasonable seal.

I never got as far as sourcing any resin for V2 of my waxy empire, but seems like that’s whatcya need.

(Louis Otto) #84

These are the exact ones I got:


Love the ladsladslads!!

(Andy) #86

Thanks for this! Looked at them in the past but for me personally I don’t feel I’d use them much since you can’t wrap raw meat with them or use them in the microwave but I may purchase a couple and see how I get on!

(Ben) #87

Thank you!