What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Just ordered the 10 piece Ring Alarm systems as it’s deeply discounted.

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I recently went for the upgrade from the Google Pixel 3A up to the Pixel 5 and actually having a battery charge that lasts has been my biggest relief so far.

Screen size is a solid upgrade as well as the slight camera improvement. I feel the true benefits will be more noticeable once it’s more viable to have a social life. (We’ve just hit Level 2 in Glasgow :tada: )

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I’ll upgrade my perfectly working Paperwhite the day this happens.

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I really like the fact the Oasis has physical buttons - though similarly not sure they’re worth the extra £100+ for 2 buttons. £50 per button is a lot.

You should look into Calibre, which is an ebook management tool - in theory allows your to put ebooks onto multiple ebook readers.

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Looks like you got in there just in time!

With the recent outage of a popular web service that page is unusable at the moment :laughing:

Haven’t used Calibra in a few years and to be honest I just can’t be bothered with the faff these days. Kind of also sums up my switch from Android to iOS.

I do miss the buttons from my Kindle Keyboard. I really do think some sort of Apple like force touch buttons would be a great half way house.

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When i said “just ordered” I obviously meant bought yesterday and expecting delivery today! :wink:

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Where is this function? The screensaver ads are annoying.

From this page: https://computing.which.co.uk/hc/en-gb/articles/360009612959-How-to-turn-off-Kindle-Special-Offers-

To turn off the adverts and ‘special offers’, go to the Amazon website, sign in and then click Manage Your Content And Devices , and then along the top click on Devices . You’ll see a list of your Kindles, plus any Amazon Alexa devices and also any phones or tablets you’ve installed the Kindle app on.

Click on the box with three dots to the left of the Kindle you want to remove the adverts from and then click the down arrow next to Special Offers in the box that pops up. Click Edit next to where it says Subscribed , and follow the instructions.

You’ll be charged the one-off fee to unsubscribe, which is usually £10.

Apparently if your kindle is for a child they normally waive the fee. I’ve heard.

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Ah @BritishLibrary beat me to it

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Gimme those buttons Bezos


Anyone recommend a wireless doorbell? (non-smart) I’ve gone through 4 or 5 in 6 years and they never seem to work for longer than a couple months.

We have the below one. Been going strong for a couple of years now and there are looooooads of tunes to pick from. So many that we have a different tune on each receiver :laughing:

The only downside is that the doorbell doesn’t illuminate at night. I guess that would be a massive drain on the battery, that’s why. So I did consider putting a bit of reflective tape below it or something but so far it has been ok.


Thanks, will give this one a try, all the ones I’ve tried have been from amazon and a similar price!

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I’m waiting to see which phones come out at the back half of this year, given there’s a supply shortage that may end up been next year at this rate

The best Kindle ever was the Kindle Voyage. Lovely haptic buttons on the side, backlight and all the stuff that’s in the Paperwhite.

I miss it.

It arrived 6 days early :partying_face: Loving it so far…


Just traded in my 500GB PS4 Slim at GAME for a Series S. Only paid £80 on top of the trade in.

Absolute bargain IMHO but the sales assistant was adamant that I should keep the PS4 and that the S is a POS.

Offer is on till Monday if anyone else is interested.


What a weird stance for a sales assistant to have! Surely they’d want you to buy the console?

I’ve had my Series S since launch and absolutely love it. 1080p at a rock steady 60FPS is exactly what I wanted, and it delivers without issue. For its price point, that’s quite amazing.

Storage is the only let down, but easy to rectify or work around.


For the Series S am I right in assuming you can play games you own physically on it somehow? So for example, FIFA 21 I have the disc for, can I download it to the Series S without paying again?