What's the last bit of tech you bought?

Totally seemless just like on my iPhone :+1:

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Face ID Works surprisingly well on the iPad Pro. Due to working in landscape and portrait it is a little bit better than iPhone.

I’ve been looking at getting a new pair of headphones for a while and finally settled on the Sony XM4’s! Super impressed with the sound quality👌


Could be something as simple as boiling dow to you using your iPad significantly more than @MalaiseForever does.

I too used to use, and still keep, the OG 9.7” iPad Pro. Mine started to show its age back in 2019, but I used it almost all of the time. If I was on any of my devices at home, doing something, unless it was something I specifically needed mac for, I was doing it on my iPad Pro.

Battery life was the first to go. By 2019 I was getting maybe 6 or 7 hours out of it. Definitely not all day anymore. Frustrating. Ram was starting to become an issue for me too. If you haven’t already, and don’t mind going through the process of a fresh iOS 14 install, that’s something to try, and will likely improve things.

I suspect though, that your safari issues are more likely related to bugs with later releases of iOS 13, that trickled into 14 too, because I experienced similar on my 11 inch pro, and even now I’m often having to quit safari because it becomes unresponsive. Both iPads are a beast still in terms of processing power, the 2020 pro especially for graphics heavy stuff.

If you can, I’d suggest waiting for the refresh next year where it’ll likely upgrade to an A14 processor variant, with perhaps more ram than the 2020 model too, which is never a bad thing. With that said, the 2020 pro is no slouch and I fully expect it to live a life as long as my 9.7” pro, if not longer. Ram is aplenty, and the A12Z processor still outcompetes the A14 in the new air.

Yes, I used it quite heavily for years but less so recently. I do plan to wait for the new Pro, hopefully it’ll come in the spring. That should last me another 3.5-4 years

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Just ordered the iPhone 12 Pro


Most money I’ve spent since March! Free AirPods a bonus.




Pencil too! Lovely stuff.

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Quidco tracked so £2.60 or something for 26 months.

Speeds are great and on the wireguard protocol I’m only losing sub 5% of speeds.

Per app VPN so my firesticks and cube have just IPTV apps on the VPN so no blocking issues and Netflix and iPlayer work all the time so family don’t even notice.

10 devices at once - so far very happy with it.

It will replace Nord which I also got on a good deal. I’m guessing it’s advertising for them but PIA are massive so I doubt they are going anywhere.

Actually proven no log policy as well which is good.


Just got myself an Echo Show 5 for my nightstand

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I’m on arch, i’ve tried messing with blueman and asking on both arch and manajro forums with little luck.

Wee upgrade to my gaming/work area