What films do you recommend?

Possibly! But I wouldn’t bet the house on her getting one. This has been an incredible year for film again and there’s some very tough competition out there. Looking forward to the Oscars this year!


For me it’s been a pretty lacklustre year, though it’s not too surprising with the pandemic.

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I don’t think James Bond would have received the attention it did if it had been a strong year of great films. People flocked to that seemingly because it was the only decent thing in a cinema for quite some time!

Anything you’d recommend that I might have missed?

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I think the most obvious two are Dune and West Side Story, which I hope will do pretty well. Overall I think it has definitely been a crappy year for Cinema but not so much for film, a lot is going straight to Netflix unfortunately.

Have you seen The Power of Dog, The Lost Daughter? All Netflix. Liquorice Pizza is out now, I love it. Drive My Car - I absolutely loved too but I’m not sure if it’ll hit the Academy awards.

House of Gucci might get some but I hope it doesn’t aha, I didn’t love it.

The French Dispatch is worth a watch, probably not best picture material, but some awesome cinematography (as we expect from Wes!).

King Richard is tipped but I found it a bit cheesy. The Harder they Fall was enjoyable but that’s it for me. I haven’t caught CODA, Tick Tick Boom or the Tragedy of Macbeth yet, they are on the list. Belfast and Paralell Mothers are out soon, haven’t seen them yet but they might be big contenders too.

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For me, Dune was a perfect example of spectacular cinema, average film.


Oh no, I thought it was great!

I even prefer it to the book. Sacrilege I know but I never loved the book.

I wasn’t overly impressed with the book. I don’t think it lends itself to riveting cinema and to Villenevue’s credit I also think the movie is superior.

But it is long and the plot is quite in the weeds. Villenueve doesn’t spoonfeed the aduience with exposition, which I totally love but at the same time must be really confusing for people not familiar with the source material.

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I get what you are saying but I think this is what I loved though. I feel like the clues are all there but a lot is not explicitly stated. It’s a great break from the standard ‘we are going to recite and simplify the plot to you 500 times’ Hollywood approach (*see: all Marvel, James Bond).

It leaves a lot to interpretation and deduction, giving it some layers to explore, while at the same time creating a very compelling main storyline and action that is so enjoyable. They are the signs of a really great movie to me.

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You cut off my quote where I also say that I love it?!

Yes good point!

Haven’t seen it yet, but from trailers alone, this was the best looking film of the year for me.

Didn’t see either of these. My Netflix subscription ran out on the 6th, but I’ll keep them on my radar for when I resubscribe probably for Stranger Things in a few months.

This is exactly how I’d describe it too. I did enjoy it though, and for me, was the best I’ve seen in 2021

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Yeah that’s how I felt until I saw the actual film :smile:.

It’s not bad at all. Just fell into the ‘average’ pot, wildly below my expectations

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Was quite underwhelmed by The Lost Daughter. The unnatural mother topic was refreshing and well done but I just found the movie quite slow and boring.

12 Years a Slave was brilliant, if a tough watch at times. Thank god we’ve come a long way but it’s unbelievable that this was ever just universally accepted.

Really enjoyed Dallas Buyers Club. McConaughey and Leto were both very worthy Oscar winners.

seen the new sceam 5 at the weekend it wasnt bad worth a watch

Films I’ve enjoyed in the last four weeks; Another Round was brilliant, as was Judas and the Black Messiah, Power of the Dog and Sand Castle.

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I know what you mean about The Lost Daughter but Olivia Colmans performance was exceptional if nothing else.

Going to see Belfast on Sunday, early reviews look like it’s probably best picture material. Otherwise, personally so far this year I’d pick Power of the Dog, although I saw that again on a small screen this week and it didn’t translate anywhere near as well.

Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave are both excellent, agreed! Actually I haven’t watched 12 Years a Slave again since the cinema. I keep meaning to but I am never quite in the mood to go through all that again!

If you’ve watched all the John Wick films and want to watch More Like This, you could do worse than Nobody, where the bloke from Better Call Saul does his best John Wick.

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