What films do you recommend?

yeah it was good as well , might have a look for his book also

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If you’re on tiktok, he’s on that. Does a lot of videos about flying / operating a helicopter, really informative.

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Narvik - Netflix.

Had to watch it over 3 sittings but quite enjoyed.

War film, Germans trying to invade Norway but Sweden and others get involved.

Watched a few flix on a couple of flights last week:

Everything Everywhere All at Once - slightly disappointing. Amazing premise, underpinned early on with enough explanation scenes, but jeez, does it get out of ‘hand’ (hot dogs anyone?) quickly. Very well acted but I feel the acting was unfortunately overshadowed by the over-ambitious story

The Invisible Man - can’t believe I missed this one. Generally predictable but a few twists & turns (and jump-scares) keeps you watching. Soundtrack is excellent. Need to get me one of those suits tho

Bullet Train - OMG what a movie. Yes, it’s Snatch vs Kill Bill vs Snakes on a plane/train for sure but ‘Tangerine’ - outstanding, outstanding, outstanding performance. ‘10 quid for that bottle of water mate’… bang. Entertainment right there.


Just finished watching this. Pretty good, enjoyed it overall.

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I’m just watching The Core, it’s research purposes for what to do, as recognition that’s the earth’s core may have stopped and reversed course

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Elizabeth Moss is also excellent at all that she does :upside_down_face:

We watched Kimi last night, pretty good film.

Just finished watching M3GAN, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

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It really wasn’t terrible.

They’re making or considering a number 2. Not sure if better left as is.

Heard so many good things about this film mainly the expectations everyone had going into the film and the fun they had during it. Hopefully watching it this weekend :pray:

Finally watched Everything Everywhere All At Once last weekend. Worthy of all the hype and awards :trophy:


I thought it was great! Looking forward to the second one. Wondering if the data that the employee was stealing may end up being used by another firm to develop their own Megan. Perhaps there will be a Megan 1.0 vs Megan 2.0 showdown.

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Don’t forget the AI home assistant :eyes:


Watched Plane last night. It was pretty middling. Less than the some of its parts.

It was a total throwback to 90s action movies, quite Die Hard like. Gerard Butler and Luke Cage were great. Action was decent. But it just didn’t spark.

That’ll be the strap line for the DVD cover.

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I watched Black Panther 2, it was very meh.


About to watch Knock at the Cabin… I’ll report back

(It’s not started yet hence the lights :bulb: )

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Good luck, the reviews I’ve seen haven’t been favourable, but as we know reviews are subjective.

I liked it. I think I’m actually enjoying some of these newer marvel things more than the old non-avengers movies. To the point where you could say they’re turning me into a fan. The tv shows except the archer one are pants though.

Loki was bloody brilliant!