What features in a Monzo app would you be willing to pay for?

Not sure if there is a how or why yet but can somehow see it - some sort of smart meter bank app integration.

On reflection, perhaps what I object to is the idea of effort being spent on paid add-ons when the basic app has so many fundamental problems - like the fact that the feed doesn’t always update, or the “settings within settings” pages.

I’d like the core functionality to be polished, please, before you turn your attention to making more money out of me.

I’d also like to see you offer better banking services - mortgages, foreign payments, cheque imaging, credit cards, etc. Y’know, the stuff we’ve been asking for for ages.


As soon as Monzo start charging for any features feature related outside of their plus services I’ll be jumping ship to Starling.


Given the strength of feeling, I’d be interested to know what Monzo thinks here. Yes, they won’t respond to everything but we seem to have a Monzo rep saying his or her piece and then going radio silent while the feedback thread grows.

Makes you wonder if they actually care or just do a fire-and-forget approach.

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No news is bad news in this case. It’s interesting that ‘negative’ threads seem to get either locked, moved or ignored so that they drop off the viewing radar. Any chance of problems being addressed rather than ignored? Are there any independent moderators on these boards who highlight things, or just tame Monzo apologists?

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In Monzo’s defence, that is pretty much the point of a feedback thread. If they get too involved, they end up steering and influencing the feedback they get.


I disagree, there’s plenty of evidence Monzo are listening, and plenty of posts from Monzo employees. They also post a lot of their thoughts about future plans (e.g. the recent open banking post). Please let’s keep this on topic and constructive.

It’s good that they solicit opinions and listen, but they are not obliged to debate with us or do what customers ask for - that’s a judgement they’ll make as a business, in possession of lots of facts we don’t have (how much bundles make other banks, what they need to to do break even, how the US rollout is going, etc). What we ask for here (even if it is almost unanimous) may not be the right course for them as a business. Sometimes what customers ask for and what they’ll pay for are two very different things.

Customer input from a community forum is just one of their many inputs as a business, and is not as strong a signal as customers giving them money for something.


I’m definitely still here :blush:


I’d be very interested to know what’s changed for Monzo. They started with the vision of creating a financial control centre for everyone. However, it hasn’t just dawned on them that they’re going to need to turn a profit. They’ve always known that at some point they’d have to make money somehow.

What seems different now is that the vision with Plus seems to be more about making money and becoming profitable than offering something that customers want or need.

What happened? What changed? Was it the interest rates staying low, the realisation that a modular approach wasn’t feasible, or something else?

I’m not trying to be critical - just genuinely curious.


But a lot of very basic features are still non-existent in the app. It worries me that these aren’t there yet and could be decided to be behind a paywall. In addition, it worries me that dev time is taken out for “paid features designed for a specific group” when some things in the Monzo app simply feel incomplete. (Like, how is it still not possible to manually add and manage payees? I’ve never seen a banking app that didn’t have this.)


I invested into GoHenry via Crowdcube because I think the current market lacks good user-experience banking for the kids to teach them to budget, save, etc. As a parent I would be willing to pay a subscription fee for my kids to have Monzo kids accounts that would allow me manage their allowances, have visibility on their spends, teach them financial literacy, etc


Hmm from my point of view, Monzo costs money to run - it costs money to sign people up, it costs money to develop and support. I wish the conversation was not about premium or payment locked features. Declare that it costs money to offer a current account - Id be willing to pay it.

Absolutely none!
Agree with many others on here, Monzo is a bank, and banking services is where it should make its money from, not bells and whistles on the software!
The functionality of the software should by default be making it easier for customers to effectively and securely manage their money, which in turn should make it easier for Monzo to make money from providing a banking service.
After all aren’t all banks cutting their costs by enabling their customers to manage their money themselves through provision of free apps and websites, enabling those banks to cut staff, close branches.
Monzo should be way ahead of the game on this being a digital only bank.
I use Yolt and Moneydashboard to provide advanced money management features and they don’t charge so why should I need to pay for premium features in the Monzo app?


Thank you for your response. I note your points, although I am already cognisant of most of them and, to be honest, there is an element of ‘teaching your grandmother how to suck eggs.’ there. I apologise for not realising that it was your decision as to whether a post was on topic or not. I admit that there was an element of posting to a popular thread, rather than one where it was not on the front page, so would get lost in the noise. This is not the only thread or channel that I have used to make my point, and the way I couched it was designed to reflect my frustration, and to try and provoke a response. Unfortunately the response was not from the source I was hoping for.

As both a customer and a crowdfunding investor, I reserve the right to express an opinion about the direction the business is moving in. As you say I cannot insist that someone listens and acts on my points, which I am by no means alone in making, but I would appreciate a bit of acknowledgement and interaction, rather than just existing in an environment of apparent pseudo-participation. At the end of the day, I do have a stake in the company, and I am loathe to wave goodbye to my investment quite yet.


From Discover on Google https://www.fintechfutures.com/2019/10/payexpo-2019-im-not-so-sure-we-should-have-become-a-bank-says-monzo-coo/

Did anyone see this? I find it quite unsettling personally and it goes with what Monzo have said in these plus threads about not seeing themselves as a bank. I, and apparently revolut and tandem agree, don’t want to keep my money in a technology company, I want to keep my money in a bank.


More like alarming. Why bother to expand to the US then?
What do they want to be, Microsoft that looks after money??

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There is a lot of statements/quotes being banded about lately that are really beginining to be a worry.
Monzo have always been clear and transparent… if they are refocussing then it would be good to know, and know where these sort of comments are coming from.

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What an odd article:

Similarly with Monzo, instead of using the salary account as an indicator, the challenger measures itself by engagement, retention and referrals. “If we wanted to focus on that [being the salary account], I’m sure we could change things.”

I thought moving to #FullMonzo was a focus that the team had - which is measured by their salaried users right? Isn’t the push to increase revenue about, in part, converting more users to be #FullMonzo?

Interesting quote from Revolut:

On whether the challengers were worried about the deep pockets of traditional banks for innovation, Davies is sure that, “there is no way they can execute it even if they have the money”. His reason is that, “there’s a huge amount of blood, sweat and tears that goes into this. If you’re on a corporate salary with a healthy pension, where’s the motivation? There’s no human factor like there is in start-ups”.

I’m not sure if staff salary is linked to how motivated, or not, an organisation is to drive change… But it also comes across as Revolut don’t seem to care about their teams salary?

Would it kill to have some nice news from monzo for a change? :joy::joy:

I’m not sure why people are upset about this

What am I missing?