We've added the option to borrow more on top of your Monzo loan 🧮

I just wanted to give a positive response here and give credit where credit is due, it’s not necessarily relating to the top up more but to the loans process as a whole, I finally bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago and took out what i’d categorise as a fairly big loan through Monzo and I have to say the whole process was exceptional. It was quick but most importantly simple yet detailed, a brilliant experience, made even better by the fact I could borrow the maximum amount at the lower rate then instantly pay back what I don’t need. I love how your whole interest is added at the start rather than seeing it taken away every month like on my fiancees Natwest loan and the money appeared in my account before the confirmation screen appeared.

Bravo Monzo.

Back on topic, 1 issue with the borrow more is that the button still appears to top up even if you’re within the first 6 month period where you cannot apply to top up. I don’t see why this option os there for people who categorically cannot apply, make it show when you can can check


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