We secured thousands of Cassandra clients to keep Monzo's data safe

The security team continue their work towards a ‘zero trust’ platform. @jack-monzo shares their latest work!


Great article about security.
You mentioned that you stored logs into cassandra.
Have a look on elassandra, a cassandra version with an embedded elasticsearch allowing to browse cassandra data with kibana. You just need to switch binaries from cassandra to elassandra to upgrade and create some elasticsearch indices on any cassandra table…

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good article.

didnt understand most of it, but good article


We’re moving away from Cassandra. We’re not a bank, but we do have a much larger customer base. We found it hard to scale, difficult to implement new features on top of (you need to predict which views you’ll need and build them once, or forever be creating new, more detailed, less efficient ones), and making it secure and keeping data encrypted is a lot of work, where really it should be trivial, core, out of the box behaviour.

@stringsonfire, which solution are you moving to ?