Humans who can RPC: securing staff access to 2000 microservices 🔒

Hey everyone! :wave:

@sam_ca is a Senior Backend Engineer and the Security Platform tech lead - so perfectly placed to discuss what steps we have in place as a bank to make sure that the right people have the right level of access.

For context, as a bank we run on thousands of microservices and these microservices communicate with each other using remote procedure calls (RPCs). Sometimes Monzo engineers need to use RPCs to communicate with a microservice.

Sam’s written a blog to detail, that with us constantly expanding these microservices we need to make this process secure - super detailed blog below :point_down:

In the blog, you’ll also see a few job openings if you want to jump on to Monzo:

Senior Backend Engineer - Security
Senior Engineering Manager - Security Engineering
Director of Engineering - Security Engineering

Sam is gonna pick up questions about the blog and his world if you have any :smiley:


Bit of reference when it comes to Microservices in an older blog here :point_down: