We’re working on joint accounts!

While you probably “could”, I would recommend against it, especially if it’s just for an event/something one off.

Opening a joint account with someone links you both financially, impacting both your credit files, not just within Monzo, but for all credit. So by setting up a joint account between you and your daughter, loan applications, credit cards, mortgages, etc, will impact you both and providers will see the association when applying.

If this is solely for the purpose of event planning, and you both need to make payments towards it, then maybe look into using the “Shared Tab” functionality instead to see if this suits your needs.

You could also look at adding your daughter as a 2nd card holder on a Credit Card but do check with the providers to see if:
a) you can add someone not at your address
b) they report the 2nd card holder to credit agencies
as it differs from provider to provider. (Monzo doesn’t allow 2nd card holders for Flex), but do check to see if it suits your needs first, and the implications of having someone use YOUR credit.


Additional card holders aren’t scored nor reported, as the responsibility remains solely on the account holder.

So if additional card holder spends erratically on the card there are no consequences to them other than a telling off from the account holder, and a lovely debt for them to resolve.

Some companies may be able to set a limit of how much be spent on said card though.



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In the past I would’ve recommended a Monese joint account, but these are now reported to Credit Reference Agencies, and the product has gone downhill anyway.

Does anyone know if Revolut reports its joint account? The help page is ambiguous.

That one depends if the daughter is over 18 which they might not be.

Revolut doesn’t report in the UK.

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Thank you all for your time in replying - it is appreciated.

Having looked at things over the course of the day and taking into consideration your comments and remarks, I think it’s unwise to look into proceeding as I had initially thought we might.

so, time to think again and think differently - at least I have the luxury of a relatively long lead-in to do our planning.

Thank you for being a sounding-board for me


Hi when will customise spending categories come to joint accounts please?


Hi @ahynd & welcome :wave:

While a fair number of people want this (myself included), there has been no development - or release - timescales issued officially.

Vote for the Plus/Premium features on a Joint account here, which includes custom categories, and hopefully the growing votes will put increased focus on what is requested (no guarantees!):

@ahynd Yeah, we have been asking for years. And they apparentyl have this in the US. The UK team seems to just refuse to take the time to create it. Humph.

Just noticed that this is ranked #2 of all time viewed topics*

*That aren’t locked.


It feels like they’re only working on minor periperhal features tbh. We will get some drop-feed of “here’s something that now works that you don’t even use on your main account because it was easy for us to fix”. Whereas custom categories (previously a most-voted-for topic, back in its day), and virtual cards will be kicked into the long grass forever.




I was able to see custom categories when I go to edit one of my joint account transactions. However end up with an error ,so I am hoping this is imminent!


My god I can’t believe it :exploding_head::exploding_head:

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Has anyone deleted app, restart phone and then reinstall to see if that kickstarts the JA categories?

Do both users have to have Plus to have custom categories? (If indeed they’re working / coming)?

I don’t have a clue, just curious at resolution.

I don’t have a joint account with monzo, though I’d like to think just one person would need it.

Saying that, there could be an error because the other person doesn’t have it, but then Monzo makes £10 a month not £5 a month, and can’t imagine many people will buy into that.

We both have Plus but I can’t change to a custom category on the JA.

I wonder if we both had a custom one with the same name :man_shrugging:t3:

Oh my, I have custom categories for my joint account even though my partner does not have Plus. That was definitely not the case until this last day or so as I changed some just earlier