We just won "Best Banking App" at the British Bank Awards 2019 🎉


I don’t recall seeing a single thing from Starling


Monzo have worst customer support! 1 day waiting time in chat, phone number is unreachable - no queue ( we can’t answer hang off ).
Such things are not acceptable for a bank.

Congrats to Monzo anyway, I like Monzo application!
You have to improve customer support and next year award will be yours!


Just a tiny vote for us in the Feb Murmur the day before closing finished. It was actually quite subtle.


I didn’t see anything from Starling, but a few people above have pointed out a couple of ways they promoted it (although I’m not sure it would class as promotion with how small it was).

There are 2 threads on this forum, which arguably has the potential to reach more people (as there are 41,632 “users”)…

The reality is, the number of people who voted was incredibly small.

Monzo received 1,129 for Best Bank
Starling received 3,132 for Best Bank

Only 27,000 votes were received covering all categories… Make of that what you will.

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I will.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #48

The important point we all seem to be missing on whether Monzo did this or that or Starling did this or that is the rise of the “challenger” banks , I’m all for it , it gets everybody better and better service from banking , 3-4 years ago it was a closed shop for banks and their customers.

Well done the challengers :slight_smile:

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Not gonna lie I don’t really care who won what.

(Simon B) #50

Around 60%, so around a million.

(Jordan) #51

Overall it shows that Challenger/Fin-techs are becoming more popular (or just have louder fan-boys).

But overall not an accurate barometer for what is “the best” and I’m not sure you could even do it properly if you wanted - or at least without making it very boring.

(Dan Mullen) #52

My point is that regardless of age, Monzo customers have voted in these awards, hence the win.

(Drew sanders) #53

Well done on best app. Being a customer of both Monzo & Starling I can say I prefer the Monzo app.
I note the small voting numbers however Monzo has struggled with its customer service operation in terms of comms.
I am excited to see what happens to both in 2019.

(Harry) #54

Just wanna point out, the comment I made about age being a factor was purely a presumption and I didn’t mean to offend anyone… everyone has made good points on the back of my original post!

I personally believe Starling deserve the win over Monzo, and I am fully invested in Monzo and the journey it’s on.

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(Jonnie Harrison) #55

Great news! Congratulations :slight_smile:


This is really good news, congrats and well done to Team Monzo :muscle:t6:

(George Chiesa) #57

Well deserved. Well done. Bravo.


Good news, I am comfortable using Monzo, more customer is coming from me to Monzo, BRAVO

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Congrats Monzo!