We just updated our roadmap! (Last update: 14/8/18)

(Frank) #50

I get what you are saying, but then the definition of done is confusing. Maybe it would be better to class Phase 1 (MVP) as done as there is more to be completed in phase 2 (build in user feedback) or mark it as done when the feedback loop is implemented?

It’s the same as when payments was implemented. It was marked as done but I would have classed the implementation as a very bare MVP. So it would be good to know where on the roadmap the next iteration would be.

I think it is great you have an open roadmap. But it can also have an adverse effect in scenarios like the above. In the old world an item marked done generally meant it was unlikely to be touched again. So seeing an item as done when it is know to not be fully complete can raise the concern it will remain that way.

(Richard Cook) #51

We just moved Travel reports for Current Accounts to Done

Enjoy! :palm_tree:

Note: this is still iOS only. I’ve added a new card [Android] Travel Reports to Near Term.

(Michael) #52

That’s good to hear! Is this all functionally the same?

(Richard Cook) #53

The change just involved updating our travel report system to support our new card processor. The reports are the same!

Another update!

Monzo.me is now available for everyone (including current account holders).

I’ve moved Monzo.me for current accounts to Done :tada:

(Richard Cook) #54

Pulse is now on Android!

So I’ve moved [Android] Pulse graph to Done

And I’ve added New categories for spending to Near Term. Check out our recent Sneak Peek for more info.

(Dan) #55

What do they look like? Not been abroad with Monzo yet but interested to see :slight_smile:

Edit: Never mind found this :stuck_out_tongue: Travel reports


At least Travel Reports are useful and wanted unlike the Pulse graph!

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #57

only if you travel :slight_smile:

(Richard Cook) #58

A couple of updates today!

  • Moved [Android] Merchant crowdsourcing feedback to Done. (Read all about it).

  • Added Joint Accounts/Pots to Long Term

  • Added 3D Secure to Medium Term



(Richard Cook) #60


We added Accounts for under 18s to Long Term, and [Android] Profile Picture Support to Near Term.


Any chance you could let us know where things have moved from? I know they’ve normally moved from the step before but on the odd occassion they haven’t!

(Jack) #62

On the Roadmap it’s self it shows you the activity changes:

(Alex Sherwood) #63

As Richard mentioned, those cards have only been added to the roadmap today. You can click on cards that have been moved, to view their history e.g.


I appreciate that, I was just being lazy and didn’t fancy clicking another link if I was in this thread!

(Alex) #65

Not sure if this is something you have control over, and kind of a small point but…things that were moved to done used to show up at the top of the column so you could instantly see what had happened but they seem to be popping up at the bottom of the column now and have done for a while?

Like I say, tiny point but if possible, I feel the top was a lot better and more helpful at a glance etc? @cookywook

(Richard Cook) #66

Sure, I’ll move things to the top from now on.

(Alex) #67

:ok_hand: :heart:

(Richard Cook) #68

Two exciting updates for Android users today! (I’ve added them to the top of the column in the roadmap as suggested!)

  1. We’ve moved [Android] Fingerprint lock support :point_left: to Done. Read all about it here.

  2. We’ve also moved [Android] Profile Picture Support :performing_arts: to Done.

  3. We moved Open savings & investment accounts with other providers :bank: to Near Term. Check out our Marketplace Beta for more info.

  4. We’ve added Fingerprint Support for in-app features :point_right: as a new item to Near Term

Come and discuss the latest Android app in this feedback thread:


Would you be updating roadmap to show when can we expect fingerprint support for internal tasks like payments, PIN…?