Virtual Card Number/Separate Account Number for Pots

Hello all! I’m currently a One Finance member still (sadly) and they’ve ripped out all of the features that made it great. I already have a Monzo account and I’m dying to finally make the full switch but there’s just one feature that I’ve waiting for. I can see on the road map that there will soon be virtual card numbers for each pot which is really great. It also seems like there is a plan to make paying bills easier and to pay certain transactions out of a certain pot. I will say that in my experience, trying to categorize transactions to have them pull out of a specific account does not work well and can be confusing for people. Instead, I highly suggest adding an account number to each pot along with he virtual card number. This will enable people to create a pot for any bill they have and to set up Autopay on the other end. This is by far the best feature I was able to have with One and I highly recommend considering it if it is possible.


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If you have a search, this has been requested many times but not with any real demand. This from nearly 5 years ago with 7 votes seems to be the most popular.

Pots aren’t accounts or supposed to be, so it’s unlikely this is ever going to happen.

Also, there’s is no UK roadmap. Virtual cards from pots is available for Plus/Premium members bot not for each pot and not for everyone/all pots

Just realised this is in the USA section, so I have no idea if any of that ^^ is applicable now :person_shrugging:


Good news! Monzo (US) is looking into that.

If you’ve not seen it, the roadmap for features is here:

This is the item in particular:

I know that the team is always keen to hear from customers, so flagging to @lincoln and the Monzo US team.

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This is how far behind the US is for banking:

Digital billpay :receipt:

Integrating with billers will allow you to pay certain bills fully electronically and without the need for a paper check.

They don’t have that…

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Yes I’m glad you all get to see how far the US is in everything lol. Don’t even get me started on inflation over here. But I do think that there’s a good reason to make it a feature even if some people don’t even know about it yet. Many of the people looking into Monzo in the US have been through the ringer with two banks with similar features, Simple and One, both being bought out and then either shut down or stripped down to the basics. I know that with Monzo can be different though.


Yeah it seems like such a hassle to sort your salary into pots to set aside for bills etc but then have to remember to move the money back to your account for an upcoming payment

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I can assure you that you won’t be waiting too much longer. @while-loop and the team is just about ready to start beta testing Expense Pots! :heartpulse:

With Expense Pots, you’ll be able select which merchants or categories you’d like to associate with that specific Pot. For example, I have a Subscriptions Pot where I have set aside my Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify. When those transactions come in, they’ll debit from the Subscriptions Pot automatically with a nifty push notification that shows you what is left to spend out of that Pot.

I also use Automatic Salary Sorter (or make a manual transfer or scheduled transfer to your Expense Pots) to ensure that I have enough money added per paycheck to cover what is needed with these of those expenses.


Question: will the money come directly out of the pot or will the pot transfer the amount to the main account with the transaction taken from there?

Also: this sounds amazing please bring it to the UK.


It is one of the most wanted features. Hope Expense pots will have individual bank account as well for direct debit.