Virgin Money Discussion & Feedback

Do they have instant transaction notifications?

And a red square icon in a round white circle?? My eyes are burning!! :fire::see_no_evil:


OMG that app icon looks soo wrong get rid of the white arghhh eyes burn :fire:

Still can’t open a current account though.

Also, why would the app be called Personal? Would anyone look in the P’s to find it?

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I guess their Android devs don’t understand the use for each name box when submitting an app in the Play Store… The name is fine in the store, just when it installs that it’s “Credit Card” or “Personal”.

No instant notifcations @TTJJ

Oh! So is it literally just the B app completely? Even the old bright purples, greens? I’m guessing they changed to red, but if there’s no instant notifications it’s just the same app like you pointed out, was going to open an account won’t bother now thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

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It does actually seem like they’ve done the same going from the App Store screenshots.

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Moneyfacts have awarded the Virgin Money Current Account as ‘Outstanding’
I’ll be honest I’m not exactly sure how they’ve came to that conclusion or what they’ve based the decision on.


At least now we know (or maybe we knew) that these awards weren’t exactly given fairly.