Using A VPN

Facebook nowadays tests literally every metric they have access to, to create a fingerprint of who is who. Includes things like browser resolution, is flash installed, is Java installed, does the browser have access to accelerometer data, browser version, browser user agent etc. Even if you have cookies disabled and your IP address changes with every request, they can take a pretty good guess it’s still you.


This is not true.

This on the other hand is extremely powerful and valuable information, as facebook (for example) will collect literally everything and then profile you, which they then use to manipulate what you do and don’t see.

You’re actually in more danger of being manipulated, tracked, and used by corporations like facebook than anything the government might do. Unless your actually breaking laws of course.


There’s plenty of reasons, but you should read the laws you’re talking about. Your interpretation is a little off.

This doesn’t matter. They can still identify you and track you, containers or not. The simple fact that you use and put google or facebook in a container makes you more identifiable.


I use a VPN when I’m out and about on a public wifi. That’s about it really.

I’ve been on and off using one; I found IVPN to be very good for what I [felt like] I wanted - which was just an extra layer of secrecy from people I might not want to see what sites I am using.

As I understand it, it’s even useful even if you are using HTTPS sites - as the VPN acts as a middle man. An analogy I always liked is this:

It’s kind of like writing a letter

  • Without a VPN, You pop the address on the outside, and your post man (ISP) can see exactly who you are writing letters to and how often (but with https they can’t see the contents - your ISP hasn’t sussed out envelope opening…?)
  • With a VPN, your ISP sees that you write a LOT OF LETTERS to one specific PO Box. There’s someone else at the PO BOX who opens all of your letters (and every one else’s) and them sends them out. They don’t know who wrote the letters, but they know where to send them.

Again this analogy fails as only some people can suss out the crazy technology of envelope opening.

I try to use a VPN if I’m connected to an untrusted wifi network - and I don’t know if I actually get any benefit from doing so. But hey, at least Big Brother won’t know how much I actually spam the Monzo Community…

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at least Big Brother won’t know how much I actually spam the Monzo Community…

I’m not sure about that. The “brother” running the VPN (or their upstream ISP) could be even bigger than your local “Big Brother”.

I’m on an ISP that allows me to use my own router, so I bought one that allows me to set up a VPN server and I can VPN in to it from my phone or any other computer - I can connect through my own home connection via VPN when I’m out.

I’ve only really used it to watch iPlayer abroad a few times (yes, it’s fast enough).

I figure HTTPS and such are secure enough. I don’t do anything I’d want to hide online either.

What makes people trust a random VPN provider, often based abroad, rather than their ISP?


Call me paranoid but im sure ISPs could monitor whoever they like regardless of if a VPN is being used ?
I remember the whole drama years back ( 2013 ) when it was on the news that the gov. was spying on people.

@cookywook what’s up? Your editing posts?

FYI anonymising a user doesn’t remove the name from quoted posts as they’re not linked that way, and editing the posts won’t remove the username. It’s there forever regardless of edits that are made to people’s posts.

Is use Cloudflare’s vpn it’s fast and free and they stop your isp seeing the sites you visit through your dns and they are coming out with another part of it called wrap and this will encrypt more of your data.

In the setting of the app you can change it so your dns is not over http to stop your isp seeing your queries image

That’s what wrap is though it will become an actual vpn service once launched in the app. More here


I’d use DoH as it’s over the standard 443 port and near impossible for firewalls to filter. DoT is easy to spot although not the traffic inside it.

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I use freedome as my vpn. I have to use that one for work reasons. It’s 22 quid a year for up to 5 devices. I claim the money back

I’ve been trying out various for speed and accessibility to services like prime video and netflix outside the UK.
Security is my main concern also. Would like to add the vpn at router level. Getting a good asus router with openvpn client.

Free melonvpn was surprisingly good with access to prime. But very basic and only apk.

Nordvpn great service and ok speed. But no access to prime video!! TopCashback 55%!

Ivacy very slow but some nice features like access to prime video usa.

Expressvpn by far the best. Super fast and access to everything. But very expensive.

Just trying surfshark good price and fast.
But again having issues with prime video. In contact with cs to see why.

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My PIA subscription is coming up for rernewal next month.

Is it worth renewing or is NordVPN or another provider a better or cheaper option.

I pay in US dollars with PIA via monzo as its a bit cheaper than paying in pounds.

I don’t personally rate Nord.

A few I trust:

  • IVPN (not cheap, won’t unblock streaming services outside of the US, nicest app, and has a command line interface which I love, superb documentation)
  • AzireVPN (has IPV6, won’t unblock streaming services)
  • Mullvad (recommended by, won’t unblock streaming services)
  • VyprVPN (very cheap following the pricing restructure, will unblock streaming services, will work in countries under censorship regimes like China. They wholly own their network. No third parties like others rely on)
  • Perfect Privacy (German made service, lots interesting and industry leading features has IPV6. Not cheap)

No direct links or affiliate links here. I suggest these because I’ve researched into them, used them, trust their claims, and rate their service.


I use Surfshark and never had any problems. It is mainly used to emulate being in other countries to test websites, so can’t really speak for speeds of streaming services.


Whatever you do go via cashback.

Got PIA for 100% cashback so that is free.
Nord is regularly 100% cashback as well.

Basically get them both for free.

I have to say I’m massively disappointed with PIA, the app on the Amazon side loses login details if the power is removed. I do this fairly regularly switching between TVs and it’s a PITA to have to re login every single time. Will be buying Nord the next time the free cashback rolls around.

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wait… what?

and here I am paying £40 every 2 years like a sucker - this is for PIA