Anyone else signed up to take a look around the app :thinking:

I must have registered at some point for the waiting lists, got an email just now to say it’s live on Android and iPhone.


My plan is to use their guidance to pay off my borrowings and accrue savings.

Who says this in real life? Most people would say they want to pay off their debts

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I might reach out and see if they can help me


I’m sure they’d be super happy about that


I agree.

And the fact that phrase is in their lead advert of their features makes me wonder the legitimacy if the testimonial.

Also, when I read Updraft, I get a vision of Marilyn Monroe in my head, over the subway vent :man_shrugging::joy:


That’s upskirt, not updraft

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Surely an updraft could be the cause of an upskirt?


We’ll have none of that in here, thank you :+1:


I have a large loan with them, which I used to pay off several credit cards. What I like about them is that Open Banking is used to make the decision and offer the decision and rate, and not just credit score. My credit score isn’t amazing. Not terrible, but squarely in the middle. So I wasn’t able to flip the debts to new credit cards to avoid interest fees.

But my income is good (I have three good revenue streams) and so they were able to take that into account.

I calculated that the loan repayments to Updraft are now over £300 less a month than what I was paying on the credit cards I used the loan to pay off.


I’ve got most my accounts connected now through open banking.

The interface is quite clean and tidy to be fair. The credit score bit is handled well I feel compared to other apps that have the same data. It’s the TransUnion info they hold, it seems to give decent advice etc.

I don’t need a loan but I’ve pressed the button just to see what they come back when. It’s only a soft search they do to find out, so no impact on anything.

I suspect given my credit file is quite well maintained, if I did need a loan I’d probably get better deals elsewhere. That’s if they use the same APR for everyone’s offer

Seems to have been quite well thought out, now I’ve had time to look around.

I’m suspicious of any company which claims you can borrow your way out of debt.

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Maybe I’m missing something. But they’re trying to sell me a debt that pays of credit card debt, yet has higher interest than my worst credit card rate? :face_with_monocle:

£300 less a month.

That must be a damn huge pile of debt you have there.

Not really. A few grand. It’s just that the cards I had had rates that went up quite significantly after the initial offer periods.

But £300 month saved is £3.6k a year.

If that’s the saving, that’s presumably a saving on interest. So that’s surely a lot more than a few grand of actual debt.

Unless you were paying an abysmally high interest rate.

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Just for a play around, I used UK Loan Repayment Calculator | moneyfacts.co.uk

Put in £20k debt to repay in 12 months at 50% then at 20%

Even that only made about £200 a month difference in interest.

Depends on the definition of few, I guess. When the oh says “I’ll be ready in a few minutes”, I know few is a number greater than 30…


I was. That was the problem. One of the cards was a company that ended up selling the business to another lender complete with customers, and then they jacked up the rate.

The only way to save almost 4k interest a year on “a few grand” is if either you were paying triple digit interest rates before, or 0 now.

You guys are right. I didn’t look properly at the economics of it when I had the £300 figure in my head. Just had a look back and figured it out. On a couple of cards with super high rates I was paying the minimums. But on the others I was making larger repayments. So if I was paying the minimums on all the cards, the saving of the Updraft loan would be a lot less of a differential. Still works out better, and no compound interest.

Good thing I don’t work for a bank anymore amiright :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: