Unlimited oversea ATM withdrawal

Starling is the main competitor to Monzo, and it offers unlimited foreign ATM withdrawals but Monzo doesn’t! I prefer Monzo, but it means I have to have a Starling account alongside for when I’m abroad.

All banks are now fee free within the EEA so it is just those outside of the EEA that are limited. I agree though I’d prefer unlimited.

Which is why Monzo doesn’t need to offer this.


It would be nice to only need 1 bank account though to achieve this.

If you want fee free ATM withdrawals outside the EEA you do only need one account. Starling.

They did used to offer this, but then changed to a limited withdrawal amount because it was costing them money.
After consulting the community the £200 limit per 30 Days before being charged a % was a compromise which will not effect most casual holiday people.
Yes this may not be suitable for a limited number of travelers who travel frequent, but the majority this won’t effect them.
Remember making purchases abroad is not charged and additional fees, just cash withdrawals.
I wounder how much unlimited cash withdrawals are costing Starling…

I have a Starling bank account open too to pay in cash and take out cash at the post office, I just transfer it to Momzo and vice versa when needed. Considering mobile networks have “free” roaming in the EEA then doing that transfer shouldn’t be an issue.

I agree it is a little inconvienient - But why don’t you transfer say maybe £5-600 to use abroad, you can always transfer it back if you don’t use it all.

Not all



These are just the first 3 I checked, there’s probably more.