Removing Withdrawal Fees Abroad

The only stand out advantage in my opinion for Starling over Monzo is the fact that they offer unlimited overseas withdrawals at no fee. I feel that if Monzo was to also offer this to its customers it would help push above it’s top competitor.

What do others think?

P.S - I also feel that Monzo should consider interest free overdrafts for university students as speaking for myself and others this is the only thing stopping us from switching from our traditional retail banks to Full Monzo.

Welcome others opinions.

I think we are probably getting to the stage where customers aren’t aware of what has happened in the relatively recent past, so questions like this seem perfectly normal.

In a nutshell… It ain’t gonna happen.

See the link below for why.

As for student overdrafts etc, these are all nice ideas, but it’s hard to think that Monzo will do these in the near future, as they are costing Monzo money, not making them money.

The reality is, Monzo won’t have all of these nice little freebies that other banks have, whilst they are driving to make a profit, and monetise various products.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Monzo offered an interest free student overdraft in the future, but it’s probably quite a few years down the line.

Monzo took this away so doubt it will be returned, I have a starling account specifically for travelling