Unhappy Customer

So I’ve had the error when trying to withdraw some funds from one of my pots so that I can physically draw some out. This was nearly 2 hours ago. I can’t call Monzo, on Twitter they replied asking for my email address and then have ignored subsequent messages since. The in app chat has been useless. No responses.

Now what I would like to know is, seeing as it doesn’t look like I will be able to access my money anytime soon… If I choose to close my account, what happens to the funds? It doesn’t show this option.

I desperately needed to withdraw cash 2 hours ago, this is completely unacceptable. My blood is boiling with rage. Awful customer service.

EDIT: I have been trying to respond to messages all day, but they are not being approved! Okay, so the ‘error’ was a ‘Sorry there was a problem, please contact us’ when trying to withdraw funds from Pot (not 24 hours, it is instant). I tried to call Monzo but ‘lines are busy, try later’

Anyway, they closed my account, they say, and I’m stranded abroad. I love how they say ‘I understand your frustration’ :slight_smile:

It’s my main account, so I was of course very angry yesterday evening, such is life.

Good humoured responses here, well done

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Call the number on the back of your card

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And what would be this error?

Everything after the answer to the above question is :cloud:


And have you added the money to an interest pot?

The error.

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What is the error you receive? Have you closed the app, and restarted it? Have you restarted your phone? Android or Apple?

Listen, I don’t want to make light of things, but his username really checks out. He seems very angry indeed.


Determined nominativism


Hey there, I’m really sorry it’s been so difficult to try and get help so far. Without knowing what the error was, I’m not sure how much I can help from the community unfortunately :pensive:

I’m hoping you’ve heard back since your post, but if not, I’m happy to take a closer look and follow this up for you if you DM me your Twitter @ :pray:


Welcome to the forum, hopefully this is sorted by now!

If not, as others have asked, you’ll need to give more information. We are customers too but we will help if we can. What error did you receive, what type of pot were you withdrawing from, was the pot locked, was it a savings pot, why couldn’t you call Monzo was there an issue with your phone (which might have been part of the problem, was it in Airplane mode).

If you do choose to close your account, the money is yours and will be moved to whichever other account you specify. This is protected by the FCA.

Hope this helps.

I always wonder why people make topics like this where they need URGENT help and it’s an EMERGENCY but then after hitting submit they just dissappear.

Most never come back on to answer any questions or update us on if/how they sorted it.

So many questions… :thinking:


Indeed. Perhaps such topics could be moved (not removed) to a separate category “Unsolved mysteries” perhaps.


Unsolved mysteries ; sounds like a good title for a documentary lol. :smirk:

dose it not take 24 to move money from a saving pot a normal pot is right away if it was really urgent the surly you need to give a bit more info on the issues you are having.

1 working day so a withdrawal yesterday will be available on Monday


I want to know the ending to this story, I’m concerned for this very angry customer that seems to have just vanished into the digital wind

I’ve had an update on this. It turns out it was the error.


Ahhh the error. Well that’s solved that then. Phew. I’ll sleep tonight! :wink:


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You’ll sleep the sleep tonight

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