Undo button for bank transfers

This isn’t my idea, it came from Oscar -


but I thought I’d share it here.

It reminds me of Google’s undo button which you can use to cancel sending an email, after you’ve sent it, which has come in handy for me a few times.

Just like the emails example, this seems like overkill but may actually be useful :heart_eyes: it might be nice to have the extra piece of mind, when you’re transferring a large sum of money. It’s also the kind of thing that your legacy bank just doesn’t include in their app..

As Oscar mentioned, your transfers would no longer appear to arrive instantly. But you could include a countdown / something to show when the transfer has actually been sent & then see how soon after that it arrives.

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I also bank with Investec Private Bank and they have a delayed send option in their app. It doesn’t let you press the confirm button immediately, instead it gives you a 5 second countdown to make sure everything looks right and then you can send. It’s a neat idea and it has saved me in the past!


Optional, please.

Instant is good and I check stuff to an almost OCD level before sending, that would frustrate me, no objections to it being there if you could turn it off though.