Uber showing as Trip?

So I’ve been out and about today, using Uber and public transport

One Uber trip shows correctly but the other one doesn’t?

Merchant data correction woes rearing its ugly head I suspect.

Uber sometimes distinguish between eats and Uber with EATS and TRIP respectively. I suspect Monzo is incorrectly parsing the name of the merchant as Trip rather than Uber. Check the name at the bottom of the transaction to be sure. Does it have Trip in the name?

So this is the Uber one

Here’s the trip one:

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Confirms my suspicion!

Monzo just isn’t parsing it correctly. It’s parsing it like a PayPal transaction, where the merchant name comes after the *.

I’m pretty sure this sort of issue has cropped up in the past too with another merchant, because Monzo try to parse it like they do a PayPal transaction. As if the default rule of thumb is to parse any transaction with a word following an asterisk to be the merchant. And for situations where that’s not the case, it seems they need to manually make an exception. So when something slightly new crops up that doesn’t get caught by the existing exception, it slips through and appears like this. I’m purely guessing at how they’ve done this here, but given the issue, it’s probably pretty close to the gist of it.

In summary, the asterisk is important in how they parse it. Note the placement of it between the two transactions.

All you can really do is report it with the improve name button. Not that they’ll fix it (Nintendo isn’t important enough to fix). Although Uber is probably common enough in London to warrant it.

But yes, this is just the usual merchant data correction woes, and could probably be merged with that thread.


Reach out to support directly about it. Also @Dan5 anything you can do to improve this one?


How’s it looking now?

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That’s pulled the right data now. how did you fix that? Wow

Well, it’ll have been off the transaction ID at a guess

Unless it’s specifically account related, it seems quicker to report bugs here :smiley:

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Probably just a tweak to the regular expression that’s being used to identify/merchant enrich the transactions.


Great, I’m glad to hear it’s fixed!

As long as you flag it to us using the “Improve name, location or logo” part we can pick it up on our end pretty quickly to make sure we are displaying it correctly :pray:

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I did that too as suggested here

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But are these actually monitored & actioned at all? Because there are loads of people putting suggestions in that just get ignored.