Tymit Digital Credit Card

Thank you! Good to hear they’re improving.

I think I’ll definitely wait for direct debits to be up and running as I haven’t ever had a credit card without so would t want to risk missing a payment.

Id probably barely use it without Google pay as well, as forgetting my wallet more and more these days as so used to paying on my phone so may just wait and see when they get that up and running.

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I think Tymit still have some way to go before they have a decent platform but it seems they are already planning to offer a premium product in the near future

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Thanks for sharing, Interesting to see what new avenues consumer lending can take after Klarna’s announcement in losses.

Tymit has a new Investor

Nationwide Select killed the cashback. Barclaycard are evil, and don’t have Google pay.

So I thought to try tymit. Fee free ATM and I like the concept of grouping things and splitting them into chunks.

Had my Tymit card for a couple of months and decided to use it. Wow, it’s confusing. I think it’s been more confusing because the numbers in the app have never been correct. Issues I’ve seen so far

  1. One refund shows as both the original transaction with status ‘cancelled’ and a separate refund transaction. Another refund shows as just the original transaction with status ‘cancelled’. Makes me think the one with the second transaction is hitting my account twice. It’s not apparently.
  2. Numbers are way wrong. They said I owed £420 when I owed £0. I asked them to check and they said I actually owed like £624.45 when I still owed £0. I sent a spreadsheet of transactions and am awaiting a response. Maybe 12 transactions on my account. If you can’t trust the numbers then not sure you can use the card.
  3. The remaining available balance amount always seems to be different or unrelated to the amount already spent. IE it’s not limit minus spent. No idea how this is calculated.

All that for a £1500 credit limit. Think I’ll close it once the balance issue is sorted.

My post office credit card recently transitioned to Jaja app so be interesting to see how that works.