TV Shows!

Moonshiners is back tonight!

Men in dungarees and whiskey. What’s not to like :rofl:

The walking dead really did let themselves go this past few seasons. Probs since Negan arrived. What a crap end.

So … 1899…

I’m done. :upside_down_face:

Didn’t really understand a lot toward the end.

As a friend of mine put it, β€œI haven’t felt that lost after watching a show since, well, Lost.”


Pretty much how I felt with Dark


Even Lost made some kinda sense.

This was something else. :melting_face:

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Loving 1899 - two episodes to go so should finish this evening. Dark was a masterpiece :heart_eyes:

Added 1899 to the long list of things to watch :joy:

Also just added that to list to watch again

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I gave up on Dark, well sort of, I haven’t watched the rest of season 3 and can’t find the motivation to do so.

A lot of these shows fall into the same category. As a writer, I can say it’s much easier to provide and interesting question than an interesting answer. The shows rely on repeated moments where something bizarre happens accompanied by a discordant strings sound that makes it feel chilling.

But overall I’m not convinced they actually have a direction, they just keep creating these chilling moments which keeps momentum and then throwing in very unsatisfying resolutions followed by more mysteries. When you realise the writers actually don’t know where they are going it all gets very boring.

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I can never get past the first season when I try again. Might do what I did with Game of Thrones and Walking dead, skip season 1 :rofl:


Finished 1899. I was not expecting that ending - really hope it gets picked up for two more seasons so they can complete the story they want to tell. I find these sorts of shows so interesting :relaxed:

Big day today… Happening right now :eyes:

Watching the last ever episode of The Walking Dead, I’ve fully managed to avoid all spoilers.

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