TV Shows!

In my innocence I looked this up, expecting motor sport…


Really enjoying Andor on Disney+ - a much more mature Star Wars show that takes its time rather than rush around like a headless, screaming chicken. She-Hulk is good too - good sense of humour which makes a change from standard superhero guff.

Start your engines


Haven’t read up this thread yet, but The Capture on BBC has got to be one of the most well written pieces of TV I have seen in a very long time.

@jasebwmn Totally agree - the second season was fantastic! I found it extremely gripping and surprising.

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Yeah I loved how they had tied the Cambridge Analytica scandal into it cause I don’t think many people realise how data can be used to influence politics and the second season was the most exaggerated example of it, incredible writing!

I’m watching GoT again, ready to disappoint myself at that :poop: ending :joy: just 69 more hours to go until I get to that point. So probably next Friday at this rate.


Why would you do that to yourself :joy:

HotD is good though


I must be in the mood to suffer :joy: I’m also thinking about watching Lost again after this, that’s certainly punishment.

I’ve watched the 1st episode of HotD, just leaving it for now as I want to watch the series in one go.

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Really want to watch that but can’t bring myself to after what they did to the character that inspired the spin off. Killed any intrigue I had in the history.

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Has anyone started Dahmer yet? Netflix.

I’m just on ep2 now :exploding_head:

Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story).