TV Shows!

Anyone watched Derry Girls on Netflix? It’s hilarious!!!

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Watched it on Channel 4. It’s exactly what it was like growing up here in the 90’s :grin:

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Watched it when it was on C4. Got through nearly all two seasons before the penny dropped and I realised that Granda Joe was also Barristan Selmy.

Any good?

Whoa! Should we not at least have spoiler tags in the thread title? I’ll look out for the murder now when I watch it.

I enjoyed it, good story line . Was a bit confusing with the time jumps at first.

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Just saw an advert in the cinema for it, might give it a watch tonight :wink:

I would :smile: especially how rubbish tv is these days.

100% agree with you there

The entire premise of the season is finding the murderer lol

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Anyone else watching Peaky Blinders? Tommy is losing it. I still want their suits.

I really loved When They See Us. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much anger and sadness and happiness in 4 hours. Highly recommend!

The Dark Crystal: AofR is a blast. Very binge worthy.


I enjoy watching Brooklyn 99


I’m loving it but trying not to binge!

Just finished the movie. Which I loved growing up, but perhaps hadn’t stood the test of time that we’ll.

Onto the series.

Who’s watched K-12 by Melanie Martinez here? It’s actually so good and the album is even better.

Can’t remember who died but don’t tell me :rofl:

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I finished Unbelievable on Netflix last night, it was great. I highly recommend!


I’m looking forward to watching that!

Hope season three of Ozark shows up soon as well :blush:

Got the final episode of Looking For Alaska to watch tonight on iPlayer - my favorite John Green book and it’s been an excellent adaptation.

Then, Season 2 of Sex Education just hit Netflix :raised_hands: