Trying to move money from FNB global to Transferwise to Monzo

Can anyone help please .I have for some time been trying to move money from my FNB global APP in south Africa to my Monzo account in the UK .My first attempted transfer was rejected by FNB global …as Monzo requires an IBAN number .The advise I was then given was to create a transferwise account, Then transfer through that .I did this but now when i attempted to tranfer to the transferwise account- it now says i can not transfer funds from outside of the UK using this facility yet .
does anyone have a working solution to get money from FNB global in SA to Monzo in the Uk
my experience trying to get help from FNB global in SA has been dismal …I have given up on that now .

I don’t think TransferWise supports transfers from South Africa.

You could open a bank account which has an IBAN (any high street bank, or Starling).

Thanks for your response. Yes i believe you are correct. Will need to find some other way