Transport category icon should include more than a car

(Jolin) #1

I like the spending categories and appreciate their simple icons. However, I wonder if the transport category could be redesigned to be more general or include more than just a car. My transport spending almost never relates to a car (and when it does it’s a work expense anyway) and so it just looks a bit odd as a car icon is not what I’m expecting. I realise others will have lots of driving spending, but I wonder if there’s some sort of icon that represents travel spending more generally?

We've Added Some New Categories
Redesigning Spending
(Muyiwa Olu) #2

Maybe give us the ability to customise the emoji for each category?

(Jolin) #3

Actually, I was thinking of the category icons in the app which aren’t emojis.

But maybe some customisation options for these icons would be an option? Though people use different forms of transport at different times, so something more general or multi-faceted might be good.