Transport category icon should include more than a car

I like the spending categories and appreciate their simple icons. However, I wonder if the transport category could be redesigned to be more general or include more than just a car. My transport spending almost never relates to a car (and when it does it’s a work expense anyway) and so it just looks a bit odd as a car icon is not what I’m expecting. I realise others will have lots of driving spending, but I wonder if there’s some sort of icon that represents travel spending more generally?

Maybe give us the ability to customise the emoji for each category?

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Actually, I was thinking of the category icons in the app which aren’t emojis.

But maybe some customisation options for these icons would be an option? Though people use different forms of transport at different times, so something more general or multi-faceted might be good.

Looks like over 3.5 years later, someone else finally agrees with me! :raised_hands:


Give it another 3 1/2 years and maybe it’ll get a vote


It could probably be made to change to reflect what mode of transport you used most. Although I think that’s somewhat at the very bottom of things to prioritize.

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The problem is people use different transport.

Mine is normally to do with my car. I’d use public transport if it actually got me somewhere near work. I get the feeling some people will get fustrated if they change it (but I might be wrong).

I also don’t think Monzo’ choice of icon makes them any more/less green minded

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I use a bus for my commute.
I cycle sometimes.
I have a car for other journeys.
I take the train on the odd occasion.
I have gotten a tram recently too, and a ferry.

All transport expenses.

I guess the question is, until we are allowed to assign our own categories and icons…

What icon should it use??

Yeah, I get it, as I also use all those forms of transport too. As I said in the original post, I’m not advocating changing it to a bus or train, but maybe finding something a bit more general or encompassing more than driving. What should that be? I don’t know, but that’s what designers are for. :wink:

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A wheel… im sure somewhere in a ferry there’s a wheel, and the top bit of trams use wheels on the wire right? :joy:


Blimey, I didn’t TIME travel, when were you last on a tram?!! :laughing:


I’m from the north!


its all dragons and white walkers up there


Aye me too! Edinburgh trams then…??

not THAT north :joy: but to be fair, I probably was thinking of the old Leeds tramway (closed in 1959! but I frequent an old tram station turned climbing centre that has plenty of wheels on the roof)

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‘normalises private motoring’??

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a greener present and future and I wouldn’t have any problem with it being changed but that statement is a bit wild.


I think i’ve only taken public transport once since I opened my monzo account. (rural area so no suprise and petrol is my biggest outgoing as I live with my parents)
I used it like once in london to take the tube lol.

It’s gonna vary on whare you live, i’m probs in the minory of monzo users that don’t live in a city or town.

Yeah, that Tweet is a bit over the top. Was a good spark to revive this topic though!


I think that tweet is knowingly deliberately over the top for sure and definitely worked.

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I wonder what the author of that tweet would think if Monzo changed it to look more Cybertruck?