Transfer money from my monzo account to an international account (Moroccan bank account)


I need your help, about how can I transfer money from my monzo account to my Moroccan bank account or how can I cash out the money I have on my monzo to cash pounds in Morocco please

Hi. You cannot do this with Monzo.

Try Transferwise, not sure if they support that currency though.

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It’s Wise now :wink:

For me it just goes to show how unwise the rebrand was

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“hey, we managed to bag a four letter domain for a huge amount of money, so lets rebrand to it even though the new domain is less relevant to our product”

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I think it’s time Monzo rebrand to Bank

Arguably, Transferwise’s rebrand is a bigger deal as expats all around the world use them to send and receive funds from family. Lots of my friends do too and I can’t wait until I have to explain to my mum why it’s Wise now

I wrote Wise to start with and then changed it to try and be more helpful for the OP.

Branding 101!



Maybe we should petition Parliament to force a name change!