Trading 212 (T212)

I would recommend a YouTube channel and website called PensionCraft. It covers all things stocks, shares and ETF related. It’s very good.

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Just got my invite…choice between virtual card or physical card. Chose physical. Had to pay a fee for manufacturing and delivery. Has to also have money in T212 Invest account (separate to ISA). Now we wait. Money in account and cannot spend on card physically as no card and no Apple Pay. Have got card details to spend online.


Virtual or physical? Surely both if you pay for physical?


Maybe…I don’t use curve. The virtual card seems to be online only, so I ordered the physical card. They let you view the physical card details immediately so you can use for online purchases. Virtual cards are free and ready for immediate use. I assumed I’d have to order a physical card then if I’d want to use in-store. I guess maybe curve could bridge that gap

Can’t you add the virtual card to gpay?

Not sure I haven’t tried

I seem to have lost any reference to the card on either the legacy app or the new app on the web. Before I could click card and see I was on the waitlist. Maybe it is because I only have a S&S ISA and not a general investment account.

Edit: I setup a standard investment account and card shows up at top there but not in the ISA account. Still on waitlist though

Can we see the design when it comes :joy:

Sure :joy:

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It’s not available for the ISA. I’ve a very small dealing account with them just to get the card.

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Now it’s the new tax year I can’t decide if I should go back to Vanguard or stick with T212. I only invest in Vanguard funds currently but I do like the fact I could buy individual stocks if I wanted…

It is a bit of a no brainer for me. The platform fees are 0.15% on Vanguard and 0% on T212. You can buy vanguard funds (and others), individual stocks, fractional shares and get 5.2% on cash with T212


Fees wise it does make sense, even Googling for opinions isn’t helpful as it’s mostly “Trading 212 is new so will go bust, Vanguard is old so safe”.

T212 came out like 20 years ago

Here is a good video to watch on the various platforms

You can pay into multiple S&S ISA’s now so maybe you can try both and see what you prefer? If you are concerned about T212 being newer (understandably) stick to Vanguard. Also bear in mind investing in individual shares is more risky than buying funds, so you need to decide whether you will actually be looking to do that or not.

Oh I’m not worried about them being “new” I’ve been using them for the last tax year, and Vanguard for years before that. Just not sure if I want to go back to Vanguard or stick with T212.

Trading 212 are also covered by the FSCS protection scheme. Obviously if you’re in the lucky position to have more than £85k then you should be spreading it over multiple financial organisations.

In that T212 don’t charge for the Vanguard ETFs and Vanguard do, if you want a Vanguard ETF, get It in T212.

Main difference is that Vanguard offer their funds too whilst T212 only offer their ETFs.

Sorry if you answered this. What you doing with Trading212?