Tracking API access?


So we have entered a world of open banking. Over time I might give various accounts API access to my account information and… Maybe forget.

In my Google accounts, I can check what APIs have access and revoke this. Now at this point it’s just Emma (AFAIK) but as the number of service grow - what’s the plan? Is there a plan?

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(Simon B) #2

As of right now, you can reach out to us if you need to revoke access. Further down the line my understanding is that we’ll build something that will allow you to revoke access on an individual basis.

Emma Feedback Thread / Q&A


Just tried this - I was told that you have no way to revoke access! I find this astonishing!

(Alex Sherwood) #5

I expect you were told that the team is unable to revoke access at the weekend, rather than being unable to revoke it at all?

My understanding is that only technical specialists can revoke access & there are fewer available at the weekends, at the moment.

Simon’s also commented on this here -


“I expect you were told that the team is unable to revoke access at the weekend, rather than being unable to revoke it at all?”

You’d expect wrong - I was simply told they couldn’t do it. Your post makes it sound even worse - what sort of digital age bank cannot revoke API access at the weekend?

Your post makes monzo sound a real clown outfit.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

I’d suggest you follow up with the support team to discuss what they can & can’t do because I’m pretty sure that, that’s not the full story, as the posts from them in community have said :slight_smile:

Sometimes changes take time to scale, for a relatively new company like Monzo. If you’re not comfortable with that then there’s plenty of legacy banks that you can use instead.

The reality is that the AISPs can’t transfer funds from your account. So I don’t see why slower deactivation should be a major issue for users - it’s not going to cost you money. At the same time, Monzo have said that they want to improve this process to give users more / faster control.


The second post is an answer to me so I’m well aware of what it says.

As for contact third party first - that’s just bunk. Monzo shouldn’t care what concerns the third party has - it’s response is to US.

Google doesn’t make you contact Evernote if you revoke their access to your account.

(Alex Sherwood) #9

As they’ve said & as you know, they’re working on creating a process so that you won’t have to do this.


I don’t care what the quotes say in the community, nobody customer should rely on a forum to confirm or deny what CS say via official channels.

That’s just an excuse - if you cannot provide a service (in this case API access) in a way that you can support, don’t launch it until you can.

That’s just a bit of ‘what about…’ and deflection.

Why not start by following the best practice guidelines as issued by the open banking group? In the current form - this follows NONE of the guidelines, not a single one.

(Alex Sherwood) #11

I’d be interested to see what the CS team did say in these messages, if you’d like to post some screenshots?

Personally I don’t believe that delaying the rollout of the API would be the best thing for users. I doubt that many users will ask Monzo to revoke access to their account between now & whenever Monzo does enable users to revoke it from the app.

  1. Are you legally employed by Monzo?

  2. Why are you asking customers to get into the habit of providing screenshots of conversations that might inadvertently reveal private information on a public forum? This is a bad behaviour for a bank to socially engineer.

  3. Do Monzo support this behaviour and these requests?

(Alex Sherwood) #13


I’m asking you to post screenshots of what the support team have said. I trust you to be sensible enough not to post any personal details. And I think I’ve suggested that, in order to add context to a discussion, a total of 3 times since I’ve been a member of this community..

Shall we get back to the conversation?


I trust me to do that as well - it’s still a terrible habit to encourage for a forum connected to a bank.

(Alex Sherwood) #15

Please do then, I think it would be useful for this discussion :wink:

(Richard Cook) #16

Hi @RobertRoberts, I’m Richard - the Online Community Manager at Monzo.

Sorry there’s been a bit of confusion here. To be clear, we can revoke third party access to your Monzo account if you get in touch with us. I’ll look into why you were told otherwise.

We have a team of ‘Community Leaders’ here on the forum who are regular posters with certain privileges to take actions to keep the forum neat and tidy, and to escalate topics to staff where they need special attention. They don’t have access to our internal systems or data.

I hope that helps! Please feel free to let me know if you’ve got any more questions, and I’ll do everything I can to help.