Totals on scheduled payments tab

As a user with 15 scheduled payments, I would love to have a “total” showing me roughly how much is currently scheduled to be paid. (I no do math good.)

Hi. This has been mentioned quite a few times

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And still ignored :man_facepalming:

FYI, Starling provides this with its Bills Pot.

So does Monzo.


This is good to hear. Have never used it in Monzo.

The :monzo: Bills pot calculations are great. It shows a total of upcoming qualifying payments to be paid from the Bills pot, the total currently available in the pot and also can show how much money to transfer into the pot where the amount in the pot is less than the total of the upcoming payments.

Very slick.


It also has the button to press to do it for you. I really like the improvements they made around Bill Pots to include these. :clap:

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I missed that one out on purpose in case of [cough] potential platform-parity issues.
Good to know iOS is there too… :+1: