Thread ideas thread

What else should we make threads about?

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What time do you have your lunch?

What biscuits do you like with your cuppa?


Could we make a thread about thread?


Can we have the posts from the launch thread the other day split out for more insanely productive future Monzo ideas?

That’s a good shout. I feel like we had some great potential cut off with the thread being closed

Chocolate hobnobs all the way :drooling_face: :+1: :coffee:


Choco Leibniz.

If you do a “which famous people have sworn at you” thread - I have two excellent stories…

“Things that have happened to you but nobody believes” - in my house they’re called dad stories…

I think you should start the thread now, i’m intrigued

I’d be very scared of slandering Geoff Capes and Harry Redknapp so I’ll leave it there.