The race to ONE MILLION users!

Wednesday. 1745.

It’ll happen.

Tuesday at 14:15

Thursday 20 September at 13:00.

@Dannytc @rat_au_van, it’ll take forever to get that song out of my head now… but better than baby shark :joy: here’s my attempt…

On my way to see my friends who lived a couple blocks away from me (oh)
As I walked through the subway
It must have been about quarter past three
In front of me, stood a beautiful honey with a beautiful body
She asked me for the time
I said it’d cost her name, a six digit number and a date with me tomorrow at nine

Did she decline? No
Didn’t she mind? I don’t think so
Was it for real? Damn, sure
What was the deal? A pretty girl aged twenty-four
So was she keen? She couldn’t wait
Hot coral queen? Let me update
What did she say? She said she’d love to rendezvous
She asked me what we were gonna do
Said we’d open an account or two

I met her for a drink on Monday
Recommended Monzo to her on Tuesday
Her account card arrived by Wednesday
And we had a joint account by Thursday and Friday and Saturday…

My guess, 1 millionth user on Thursday at 11:43am


Let me just check my Monzo Growth Almanac I picked up in 2038…

Mon 986k (2k day)
Tues 989k (3k day)
Weds 993k (4K day)
Thurs 997k (4K day)
Fri 1million (3k day)

The millionth user activates her card at 21:31 on Friday 21st Sept 2018 :wink:


Oh, why not? Friday 11:35am

Friday 12noon!

Thursday 9:30pm

Friday 15:21

Saturday 1pm

I really hope that when one million is passed, this moment is used to announce some new bits, namely interest on savings!

I reckon 1million by Friday 21st 11.15

I’m thinking 13:36 on Saturday 22 September!

I reckon this Saturday 22nd at around mid day :crossed_fingers::tada:

Has the home page customer counter stopped working? I just
see the message “Join our customers today” and no number…
So will we know when we hit a million?

Seeems to be back up and running again

I noticed that too. It seems to take a bit longer to appear sometimes.


Not many to go …


I need about 7000 sign ups in the next 24 hours-ish

Come on people, see the light.

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Next Wednesday, obvs.

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They aren’t sign up figures, they are first time card activations