The race to 900,000! 😍


If you’re right and im wrong… 7 min gap ha :smiley:


Ah, I’d missed yours! :hushed:

But 32 min gap surely? :slight_smile:


I thought I put 18.45 ha, i didnt even re-read my own post ha!

(I'll flag any comment for 50p) #24

16th August


Is there a prize for guessing it right?T shirt, socks, a mug, baseball cap, handwritten letter from The Boss? :joy::joy:

(Simon B) #26

For 900k? Naw

Maaaaayyybeeeee for a million :wink:


Now, I can’t stop thinking about the prize for guessing when Monzo reaches 1 billion customers! :rofl::rofl:

(Sacha) #28

895k now…wonder if it will be hit over the weekend?

(Emily) #29

Any guesses for date and time…?

(Emily) #30

I get too competitive about things like this & I never win… but here goes…

19th August at 13:05. Keeping all of my fingers & toes crossed!

(Jack) #31

I fear my initial guess of 18th 7PM is too late in the evening

I reckon it may could be about lunchtime but since I’ve already had my guess I’ll stand by that.

(Will flag Danny for cake) #32

Normally a surge between 6 and 7 when everyone gets home and activated their cards

(Jack) #33

Card activation times per day for last week. Darker the colour the more activated. Lunchtime seems the most popular on a Saturday, probably as a lot of people are at home and get their post in the morning.

(Will flag Danny for cake) #34



We’re currently at 898,229 - what are the odds on around 1.2k folk coming home within the next couple of hours or so to activate their Monzo cards?! :monzo: :credit_card:

:thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Will flag Danny for cake) #36

I said tomorrow at 3, think you’ll be a lot closer than me


Did anyone guess anything between us? If not, it’s you or me - winner buys cake, loser flags Danny? (I don’t quite understand that, but hey…)

(Valeri) #38

I think @Dannytc might be the best shout atm (18:20 today)

(Will flag Danny for cake) #39

Nope, it’s you and then me next. Game on :sunglasses:

Read troll Danny’s name bit. Unless he’s changed it by now

(I'll flag any comment for 50p) #40

Anyone flags me I will report them to the internet police.