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Okay can I start?

Project Exodus :roller_coaster::eyes:

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I loved the Rockin’ rollercoaster at Universal florida. Test Track (pre reno) is also one of my favourites
I loved Jaws the ride, when it existed

I’ve not been to the parks state side for about 10 years.

Going further back, I went with my family to SeaWorld and swam with Dolphins - it was very cool (I was 13, I think), but looking back, it’s very cruel to keep them in captivity

The rollercoasters at SeaWorld were also good!

I do recommend TheTimTracker - YouTube]( on YT as he and his wife (sometimes kids) do the parks quite frequently

If anyone heads out to Florida I highly suggest velocicoaster - the best ride in the world rn imo. :eyes:

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I can’t believe how long it’s been since they last had a new coaster at Thorpe, hopefully this will live up to expectations!

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I know it’s not thorp park, but here’s the “latest” on the Nemisis re-do at Alton

(6) Alton Towers Nemesis Construction Update - 17th August 2023 - YouTube

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Which park has the Derren Brown ride and has anyone ever been on it?

That’s been on my list for ages, but I’ve never had the chance to go.

It’s gone. Well kind of.

It was at Thorpe Park, but as of this year Derren’s name has been dropped from it and it’s been reimagined as Thorpe Park’s Ghost Train.

I’ve been on the original iteration and it was just ok. The VR wasn’t good enough for purpose, and honestly I don’t think it played on the illusion of the ride well enough, it almost fell into insignificance (I won’t share any more there and ruin it for those who haven’t been).

I haven’t been to Thorpe for a few years now, but I’ll definitely be visiting again soon, especially now it’s walkable from my home.

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I can see this thread having it’s ups and downs :rofl:


Thorpe Park is better than Alton towers.

I went Flamingo Land once and though it was just ok, didn’t get on all the rides though.

Not been pleasure beach in many years so can’t compare

Do love Thorpe Park.


You can’t beat the combination of The Wickerman, The Smiler, Nemesis, Rita, Oblivion and Thirt3een.

If you asked me 12 months ago, I would have told you that you’re wrong, but with Nemesis out of action for a year and Project Exodus coming next year to Thorpe Park, I think they’re pretty evenly matched at the moment and will be going into the immediate future.


I’ve just always had a better time at Thorpe. Less queues for sure.

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A lower step count at the end of the day too!

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The last time I went to Alton Towers was the summer after The Smiler took a couple of tourist’s legs out. You could walk on to every ride, it was great!

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You could walk on, no guarantee you’d be able to walk off though :joy:

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One of the things I remember about that period and talking to people about the incident was how many of them said they wouldn’t ride The Smiler again, but were perfectly happy to ride Saw at Thorpe Park, unaware that it’s essentially just a smaller version of the same rollercoaster with a different layout and theming.


Best. Rollercoaster. Ever. (for its time) - now just the famous section as a welcome structure when visiting Alton Towers: