The Debit Card

(Jonny) #21

My Debit card has arrived! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Now, how to move the money from my pre-paid card to my debit card? :thinking: in-app support?

(Caspar) #22

You can’t at the moment. There’s a thread where someone said the easiest way for them is to refund it to the source (so back to whatever card you used to top up with) and then you transfer back to your current account. But when the full roll out happens and accounts are merged, balances will move over (i’m pretty sure this is what was said at the very first current account rollout event).

I’ve got £2.50 on my prepaid card as a colleague sent me money by without checking if I wanted it that way, so it’s going to sit there doing nothing until it gets merged over!

(Alex Sherwood) #23

The quickest way, if you’re near a branch of your bank, is to withdraw the money from your prepaid card via an ATM, deposit it in your bank account & then transfer it to your Monzo account.

The other option is -

(Jonny) #24

OK Cool - thanks guys! Keen to get my money moved across and start playing with my shiny new account. :slight_smile:

(Nick) #25


As a suggestion - this is what I’ve done before - if you have the odd £2.50 on your pre-paid card, top it up via bank transfer with £7.50 giving you £10 which you can then withdraw as cash via an ATM.

Easy way to bring the pre-paid card down to £0.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #26

bear in mind before closing down your pre paid card to go full current account- if you are planning on travelling to countries where ATMs need magstripe your current account won’t work yet , you also cant pay other Monzo users yet :slight_smile:

(Vitali) #27

What is the primary cause for that message to appear? I assume it’s not the currency of the card, nor the country where the card was issued, as with the current Monzo prepay it’s GBP and UK.


Probably just a BIN issue - the BIN allocated to those cards might’ve been used by a prepaid card provider before and nobody updated their BIN ranges yet.

(Adam) #29

It would have been the programming on the chip. On the debit cards, there are 2 different versions of the chips. @tomsr would have the first version hence the issue.

(Dean) #30

The card :rocket:

(Allie) #31

I’m confused how that’s related at all. Surely he’s referring to magstripe emulation contactless mode (vs the modern and far more secure EMV contactless mode)?

Magstripe contactless support has little if anything to do with actual magstripe support. For example, on my MBNA card, magstripe contactless declines 100% of the time. Actual magstripe declines maybe 50-75% depending on the type of merchant.

(MikeF) closed #32

With the launch of the Current Account and the Debit Card in mainstream distribution, discussion of the Sneak Peek can now be safely closed with any Debit Card issues now discussed on the main boards.