The Bulletin 08/05/18 from 5.30pm tonight

(Naji Esiri) #1

Got questions about what it’s like to be a junior engineer at Monzo? Post them here, and we’ll pitch our favourites to @jamesallison live on the Bulletin this afternoon!

(Olly Pittaway) #2

Is it daunting to know that the code you implement/changes you make - despite being at a junior level - will affect hundreds of thousands of people for the better or worse? How do you deal with the thought of something going wrong when it comes to implementation?

(Michael) #3

What’s the workflow that you go through as a developer, from the point you pick up a task to it going all the way through to production?

We’ve got a pretty rigid process where I work, but am always looking to improve.

(Oliver Dunk) #4

Making the assumption you have worked elsewhere in the past, has anything about the development process at a bank surprised you, or is anything different in an interesting way?