The Big Monzo Plus FAQ

Except that the continuous authority they use is not tied to you account but tied to your card which is tied to your account. So replace the card and the continuous authorities need updated.

Why don’t you just use pots in Monzo and one card?

I have many scheduled card payments every month: Netflix, YouTube, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime, Google One, Jetbrains, Amazon Fresh, HumbeBundle, OVH, etc
I want to move money somwhere (either to pot or other account) and forget, not needing to withdraw money by hand for every payment :sweat_smile:

Have you heard of Bill pots on Monzo?

It doesn’t support card payments, only direct debits. Cards payments seems to be coming with plus virtual cards

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You cannot use Bill Pots for subsciptions that are payed by a card payment. I think @michalrydlikowski is right in wanting virtual cards so that they can be used to pay subsciptions and virtual cards can be easily linked to a pot rather than the regular card

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I don’t know why there is so much ‘justification demanding’ towards people who would like virtual cards. Just because you would not use them doesn’t mean other people would not. is a big business in the USA - its sole product is virtual cards.

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This is the best reason I’ve heard for virtual cards. On their own, not interesting. But combined with Monzo’s pots :heart_eyes:


It’s definitely a business, but do you have any figures on how big it is? I’m curious how much traction they’ve gained. It sounds good to tech-minded people, but is it just too much faff for the vast majority of the population? Would be interesting to know if they’ve published any figures.

Where did you get that from, @simonb has stated that they do not have enough time to respond to the request as it is near instant unlike direct debits.

So unless they create a facility to have payments from pots by merchants not sure and wether this would be ready for the Plus release no idea

Through virtual cards that are attributed to pots.

From Android Teardowns - Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

    <string name="vc_confirm_delete_description">Deleting this virtual card could affect online payments or subscriptions. You may need to update billing details for the services below.</string>
    <string name="vc_confirm_delete_title">Are you sure?</string>
    <string name="vc_create_button">Create virtual card</string>
    <string name="vc_create_card_details_footer">Card number, expiry, and CSV will be generated once the card has been created</string>
    <string name="vc_create_card_details_label">Card details</string>
    <string name="vc_create_card_name_hint">Card name (e.g. Subscriptions)</string>
    <string name="vc_create_color_selector_label">Colour</string>
    <string name="vc_create_missing_name_error">Please choose a name for your new virtual card</string>
    <string name="vc_create_money_source_label">Money source</string>
    <string name="vc_create_title">Create virtual card</string>
    <string name="vc_details_card_details_action_hide_details">Hide details</string>
    <string name="vc_details_card_details_action_show_details">Show details</string>
    <string name="vc_details_card_details_card_number_label">Card number</string>
    <string name="vc_details_card_details_cvc_label">CVC</string>
    <string name="vc_details_card_details_expiry_label">Expiry</string>
    <string name="vc_details_card_details_footer">You can check these again at any time by tapping manage card</string>
    <string name="vc_details_card_details_label">Card details</string>
    <string name="vc_details_card_details_name_on_card_label">Name on card</string>
    <string name="vc_details_delete_card_label">Delete card</string>
    <string name="vc_details_manage_card_footer">Deleting this card will affect any active subscriptions being paid by this card</string>
    <string name="vc_details_manage_card_label">Manage card</string>
    <string name="vc_details_money_source_footer">When you use these card details, the money will come from this account.</string>
    <string name="vc_details_money_source_label">Money source</string>
    <string name="vc_details_new_card_description">You can now shop online, pay subscriptions, using these card details.</string>
    <string name="vc_details_new_card_title">Virtual card created</string>
    <string name="vc_details_subtitle">Virtual card</string>
    <string name="vc_inactive_card_subtitle">Created %1$s ∙ Deleted %2$s</string>
    <string name="vc_inactive_cards_title">Inactive virtual cards</string>
    <string name="vc_list_active_cards_label">Active virtual cards</string>
    <string name="vc_list_create_button">Create virtual card</string>
    <string name="vc_list_create_button_disabled_hint">You can only create %s virtual cards</string>
    <string name="vc_list_created_date">Created %s</string>
    <string name="vc_list_empty_create_title">Create a virtual card</string>
    <string name="vc_list_empty_footer">Use virtual card details for online payments and subscriptions. Keep your real 16-digit card number safe and stay in control.</string>
    <string name="vc_list_empty_label">Virtual cards</string>
    <string name="vc_list_inactive_cards_subtitle">%s inactive cards</string>
    <string name="vc_list_inactive_cards_title">Inactive virtual cards</string>
    <string name="vc_list_onboarding_button">Create virtual card</string>
    <string name="vc_list_onboarding_description">Ever lost your card and had to update the billing details for all your subscriptions? Using virtual card keeps you in control and your real card details safe.</string>
    <string name="vc_list_onboarding_subscriptions_title">Your recurring subscriptions</string>
    <string name="vc_list_onboarding_title">Virtual cards, explained</string>
    <string name="vc_list_subtitle">Create digital debit cards to split your spending and stay in control</string>
    <string name="vc_list_title">Create virtual card</string>

There is “money source” string there

<string name="vc_details_money_source_label">Money source</string>

I think I would use them more one time (personally) I.e. ordering from a website I am not confident in. Then destroy after

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Don’t really bother looking at the Android teardown due to OS parity :joy:

The postponement of Plus will come Monday or Tuesday then?

I hope they say something soon, I’m agonising over wether to switch. The direction plus accounts go (what’s in offer feature wise, not so much insurance and for what level of fees) may make switch much more attractive (even if not switched on yet)

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The use case of virtual cards attached to pots is a very exciting idea. Love the sound of this.

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I think it’s time for an update, even if it is just to say that plus will be out on hold for the time being whilst this current situation is in play, that way we all know where we stand without losing faith in Monzo and their communication/transparency.


They’ve got exactly 36 hours until the end of the quarter!


This calls for a countdown! :smiley: