The best current account would reward me for using their card to pay for things

I guess at the end of the day retailers feel they can get more money out of it by offering it than they would if they didnt.

This is true, but for me,they never are at places I spend. This is why I stick with my Nationwide card for day to day spending. I get a modest 0.25% cash back on all spending, so if Monzo were to beat that, I’d be in.

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I wish my car would give me cashback for all the miles I drive in it :sob:


do other car companies give you cashback to drive them?

Some do, yeah!

seems like they are on it already… Cashback

For the small amount I’d make, I save more by using Monzo. That’s my view, always has been. Since using Monzo, I’ve never been as financially stable.

It’s the usual something for nothing brigade, the world owes them a favour. Goes in the same bin as a fee free overdraft for students.

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Bit harsh. Some people can manage their money fine without Monzo, so what’s the harm in requesting something other banks already offer?

I could put you in the "Well because I do it this way then everyone should do it this way brigade but that would be harsh :wink:


something for nothing?? Merchants pay to swipe cards… give me an incentive to use your card over another card or cash in my pocket… or merchant incentivise me to come to your coffee shop over another

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Completely agree - Kudos if Monzo has helped you manage your finances better, but IMO, you are still missing out on the various cashback/rewards offers that are out there.

If you are on top of your finances, I’m struggling to see a solid argument against the likes of amex or any other decent “something for nothing” credit card out there.

Likewise, if you struggle to manage your finances without Monzo, don’t moan about the various offers that other people are taking up :man_shrugging:

For what it’s worth, I don’t particularly care about Monzo offering any of these rewards, because I think they’ll always be worse than market alternatives (jack of all trades, master of none).

I’ve always had the “use the best product for your need” kind of attitude, and I’d only use Monzo for spending if they managed to trump the benefits of American Express.

I’d much rather see Monzo concentrate on the banking side of things, rather than some of the “fluff” which I’d class this as :smiley:


Agreed. They would have to massively trump American Express for me to stop doing the bulk of my spending with them.

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this is the point! At some stage Monzo need to look at why people are still using competitive products for spending and look at winning over those spenders.

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This is tricky as I don’t think any bank can be the best for everyone and the best at everything at the same time. The thing they can do is be the best at what they do do. These mega banks and credit companies can basically throw whatever they want at their product and they’re still not the best.

Don’t forget, Monzo is growing massively day by day, which means they are taking customers from other banks already.


This is an absolutely stupid idea. It disrupts the cost structure of goods. Will cause some retailers to not take your card, or load prices to pay for these cash backs. Don’t do this. Make sure I can use my Monzo everywhere.

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Does this happen with the NatWest Reward card?

This won’t restrict where you can use it!!! In some places it will reward you. Other banks do it and it’s not a stupid idea.

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It’s definitely not a stupid idea. I regularly earn over £30 a month in cashback between my Bank Of Scotland and Santander cards… and thats before I get cashback from Barclays for any online stuff too…

For me the only downside is having to plan in advance which card to use where… Still, at the end of the day its free money for minimal effort

The Santander current account offers 1-3% cashback for paying for certain bills. In real terms I get about £20 back per month. It’s not something to balk at.

To simplify that, it’ll cost me £20 per month to move my salary to monzo.

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Figures like that always makes me wonder what bills you must pay? There’s no way I could match that income figure with the bills associated with a family of 5. There’s also no way Monzo could/should pay that at the moment (if ever) without the profitable sidelines most banks have. I guarantee that it’s not the utilities etc. paying those rewards.


1% on mortgage payments is half of that right away.
2% on gas and leccy.
3% on mobile, broadband and TV.

It adds up really quickly.

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