The AI Hardware Thread ✨

My understanding of the founder of Rabbits history is this:

  • He started an NFT project, at first promising the holders exclusive access to a game. Later changing this to access to an AI, before the social media channels went dark, and he called it a “fun Covid project”.
  • He started Rabbit, promising that for $200 you get this device and access to the AI for life, how can this possibly be sustainable? And it sounds awfully similar to the above
  • Just like the NFT project, the Rabbit discord is a complete echo chamber, have anything bad to say? Silenced. Bring up the NFT project? Silenced. They don’t even give you a reason they just delete messages from the chat, with multiple cases of the other members asking “who’s deleting that guys messages”.

Is Ive a good designer? Yes. Is he one of the worst things to happen to Apple? Also yes. His obsession for thinness fucked Apple for a good half a decade until they parted ways, and Apple design is now objectively more functional while still just as appealing.


You realise up until about a year ago, he was still largely responsible for Apple’s design for years after he left Apple?

And not to mention the pipeline runs about 3/4 years ahead. So the hardware we’re still getting now has Ive’s touch.

I don’t think thinness and lightness was his obsession necessarily. I think it was Jobs’.

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Without Ive, Apple would have probably died. The iMac bought them the time they needed to turn things around. The iPod was the start of them becoming popular outside of a niche. In both cases the industrial design was critical to the products’ successes.

There are plenty of valid criticisms with Ive’s more recent obsession with minimalism. But it’s some pretty strong revisionist history to call him one of the worst things to happen to Apple! (And also indicates a lack of knowledge of Apple’s history before they were the giant they are today.)



After this and your London moanings, I’m starting to wonder what has happened to you!

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I for one welcome the Ive/Altman item, because that’s where the real progress will likely be made. The R1 ain’t it, the Humane could be with some careful thought

I’m not doubting that Ive is a good designer or that he was very influential. But he was given too much control and was allowed to take Apple in a direction it shouldn’t have been taken. Some of the biggest design blunders were due to Ive’s obsession with thinness and minimalism.

I’d rather a utilitarian design than something paper thin with one port.

I’m expressing opinions on a forum even if not strictly mainstream opinions?


Rabbit app cracked to run on a phone again

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This is the review I’ve been waiting for. Brutal.

TL;DW both are bad, don’t buy em. The orange one is worse than the wearable one.


I was going to say, all the examples where MKBHD asked the Rabbit a vocal question I paused the video and asked Siri and it always performed a lot better

But wasn’t sure if that experience would be universal, turns out it is…

Halfway through and I can’t believe this guy got an AI sponsor for this video, puts his whole video into question imo

A bit of a sellout

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As someone who works to block web scraping bots a lot, I can gurantee you no one is making an exception for Rabbit. Any site with Cloudflare will just figure out it’s a bot and block it, and so will all other fraud/bot blocking services, because guess what happens if they make an exception for this or captcha?

The bots will pretend to be Rabbit

Humane’s approach to build an SDK might sound dumber but it’s a way better approach

There’s nothing “new” or “AI” about Rabbit’s approach here, this isn’t a LAM, they either wrote a script that would only work on DoorDash and would break whenever DoorDash changes their website code, or they are just feeding screenshots into an AI-API and asking it “what should I click to do X” - neither of these are impressive or new…

DoorDash will be forced to block the Rabbit bot whenever somebody else makes a bot to bruteforce accounts pretending to be Rabbit

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Not really Ai Hardware but damn GPT-4o looks scary


Yes. But also super cool. The stuff they show off in this X thread is nuts

Might have to give the whole event a watch.

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Yeah watched the whole thing, 100% worth it if you got the time.

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Not related to the hardware topic but I do love the massively inflated product size everyone is posting as their title cards.

No wonder these devices aren’t doing so good they’re the size of my head!

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So I watched Google I/O tonight. Not much more than several layers of Gemini, and while impressive, also expected. And then… I saw a pair of spex which grabbed my attention. And others too:

Come on Google - Glass 2 :+1:


As predicted

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Nice demo.

But given just how far ahead openAI is relative to Google, I remain excited and optimistic for the Altman/Ive collaboration.

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