TfL Merchant Name Changed To 'Archway Station'?

Just had a panic that my card had been cloned when I saw a notification for a transaction at Archway Station (which is the opposite side of London to me and I’ve never been to…) - but having looked at my account it seems that ALL of my TfL transactions are now labelled as Archway Station.

Anyone else had this issue?

+1 Just had this same thing pop up for me (archway too, despite having not been to Archway)

Are you both Android or iPhone users?

I’ve not experienced this but the last TFL transaction in my feed is from yesterday.

Same issue on Android

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iPhone. Looking at my app now it appears to have been fixed server-side so is no longer an issue.

I imagine they’re testing something like integrating location data from TFL.

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So you refreshed your feed & the merchant name was updated?

Yep that’s right, back to Transport For London as per usual

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Android here. Just refreshed and it’s changed to ‘Transport For London’ (as opposed to TfL)

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Hi there @maffoo23 ! Sorry for the confusion, we had an error with the labelling of TFL merchant data this morning for a few minutes! :see_no_evil: Should all have returned to TFL as expected now, as you’ve probably noticed- no more surprise trips to Archway Station :wink: :bullettrain_side: !