TfL Merchant Name Changed To 'Archway Station'?

(Matt Garforth) #1

Just had a panic that my card had been cloned when I saw a notification for a transaction at Archway Station (which is the opposite side of London to me and I’ve never been to…) - but having looked at my account it seems that ALL of my TfL transactions are now labelled as Archway Station.

Anyone else had this issue?

(Alex Hay) #2

+1 Just had this same thing pop up for me (archway too, despite having not been to Archway)

(Alex Sherwood) #3

Are you both Android or iPhone users?

I’ve not experienced this but the last TFL transaction in my feed is from yesterday.

(Joseph Dempsey) #4

Same issue on Android

(Alex Hay) #5

iPhone. Looking at my app now it appears to have been fixed server-side so is no longer an issue.

I imagine they’re testing something like integrating location data from TFL.

(Alex Sherwood) #6

So you refreshed your feed & the merchant name was updated?

(Alex Hay) #7

Yep that’s right, back to Transport For London as per usual

(Matt Garforth) #8

Android here. Just refreshed and it’s changed to ‘Transport For London’ (as opposed to TfL)

(Sarah) #9

Hi there @maffoo23 ! Sorry for the confusion, we had an error with the labelling of TFL merchant data this morning for a few minutes! :see_no_evil: Should all have returned to TFL as expected now, as you’ve probably noticed- no more surprise trips to Archway Station :wink: :bullettrain_side: !