If you already have facebook/facebook messenger - the sharing doesn’t really matter anyway, imo

I know, EE have had 4 years to get this right, they still waste postage, card to make it, printing time, etc - when they could just email it. It really can’t be that hard can it?

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I talked to EE about this. The issue is about fraud and stealing phone numbers with it being too easy if done all online and immediately. Or that was the party line anyway.
Vodafone do it all online.

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That was my thinking too. But perhaps the answer should be making it harder to sign up for a contract than:

Are you John Doe?


Pinky swear?


Here you go :+1:

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No lol…

Take a look at Whatsapp’s actual PP and you’ll understand why, its lingo that not many of your normal people will be able to understand, plus its 24 pages long - people value their time more than ever so even if they did, they wouldn’t be any the wiser as to how their data is being used.

Facebook are formidable for being so loose with their privacy policies anyway and with their public perception, people will just assume the worst.

These posts they’re putting out now are mere damage control, and I think the reputation of Whatsapp as a service has now been permanently damaged and they know it.

On signal I see this. On telegram I get a notification but don’t have a current example. The 1 next to them is new and it tells me when I log on and there are new people.

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I’ve never had a spam message via Signal. On Telegram I get at least one a week. Often it’s down to someone randomly adding me to a group with 100,000 other people.

How strange, I never knew spam could be an issue with Telegram. What kind of groups are they? And how do they add you - by phone number or username?

I used to too, but you can change who can add you to groups in settings.

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I’ve tried to split the Signal chat out to the Signal topic, but I fear we might need a generic “instant messenger comparison” thread!


Not sure, probably username. Mainly get-rich-quick type of schemes.

Thanks, I’ll have a look. I don’t really use Telegram. Much like WhatsApp, I just have the app so those contacts that use it can still get in touch.


Mash the settings button brings up an interesting menu…


Android debug menu has some slightly different options, open settings, scroll to the bottom, right at the end in small should be an android version number like Telegram for Android v7.3.1 , hard press on that twice to bring it up.

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$10 a month is steep though, and Apple will probably cease and desist this.

Looks like we’re heading back to those trillian style messaging platforms it would seem to combat a divided and fragmented userbase.

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It’s steep!

That being said, I remember when WhatsApp was 79p to download and then 79p every year onwards.

Given the number of people who are on it, it probably would bring in a decent amount annually!

That being said this was way back when; I think we’ve moved past the point where people will pay for messaging services.


Bingo. People want free services but then don’t like the advertising and tracking. I’m not defending the invasive tracking but there is a trade off here.

I’m not a fan of Facebook but I can see where they’re coming from. They spent $19b on WhatsApp and now want to monetise it more effectively.


And then you get this crap!

Damned if you do (encrypt), damned if you don’t! :man_shrugging:

Might as well say:

“Royal Mail admits envelopes will harm efforts to prevent child exploitation”



They will send you a jailbroken iPhone with their app installed which acts as a bridge and syncs the messages or you can use the Mac app, that’ll mean you have to have the device online 24/7.

But the $10 is more than just iMessage , it’s a bunch of your IM in one app.