Target doesn’t include all transactions from Spending


when comparing categories in Target section the money spent doesn’t match what is in Spending. When looking further some transactions (from external accounts, specifically credit cards) are not included in Target
OS iOS 16.5.1 (20F75):
Device: IPhone 11Pro
App Version:


Any update on resolving this bug? Quite annoying transactions in Spending and Target do not match

I think if you either change the category to one included in your trends target or change the categories that are excluded by pressing the edit button next to the excluded header you should be able to get the numbers matching

thank you, but the problem is not in Spending but in Target (far left in the sub-menu) and all transactions are already tagged to be included in the report
This only happens with the transactions from the credit card. For example, Holidays category (under Spending) total £181.42

and it includes 3 transactions

but when you view it under ‘Target’ it shows only £4.42 and includes one transaction. 2 other transactions from the credit card do not get included.

Your connected account (Barclaycard?) likely isn’t selected as a connected account for reporting in Trends/Target

To do this, in Target:

  • just under the burndown graph, tap on ‘You spent…’ or ‘xx% left of…’ then tap on ‘Edit target’ at the bottom of the rocket-display. If you don’t see ‘You spent…’ or ‘xx% left of…’ under the burndown graph, then scroll down to the ‘Excluded from target’ section and tap on ‘Edit’
  • tap on ‘Edit’ in the ‘Accounts’ section
  • tick the cards/accounts you wish to include in the Target data (in your case a Barclaycard account?)
  • tap ‘Done’ at the bottom

yes, it’s Barclaycard. Amazing, thank you! It wasn’t that obvious, but all worked now for me.

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Glad it’s now working OK - Trends has its idiosyncrasies but when set up properly it is a powerful analytical tool.